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'Swastika' buildings spotted all over the globe

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'Swastika' buildings spotted all over the globe

Postby Les » Fri May 06, 2016 1:34 am

'Swastika' buildings spotted all over the globe on Google Earth – blunder or by design?
By Patrick Knox / Published 11th April 2016

SUSPECT: Buildings with a swastika layout are visible on Google Earth

" The Nazi swastika has become a taboo after Adolf Hitler and his hideous regime murdered millions.

Ironically, before the evil fanatics pinched it for themselves it was an Asian peace symbol.

But now it stands for hate – and in some countries after World War 2 it has even been banned.

So when it comes to planning homes and offices you'd think architects would want to avoid laying them out like the Nazi insignia. "


complete article here at
ht tp: / /ww w.da uk/news/latest-news/507129/swastika-shaped-buildings-conspiracy-nazi-buildings-google-earth
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