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Ken Lent's Passover "Quick Understanding"

Ken Lent's Passover "Quick Understanding"

Postby wmfinck » Sun Mar 25, 2012 11:22 pm


Hello white Christians who are new to attending Passover.

This is a super condensed letter as to what this Feast is all about and why God wants us to honor it. For just this once --- I’m not going to list the many supporting Scriptural and historical facts to prove these points because I would be sending you an email about 100 pages long. This is just a very short synopsis of what Passover means for those who are “first timers”.

The truth is overwhelming and there is no shortage of Bible references, history, archeology, heraldry, fulfilled prophecy, language studies, etc. that prove exactly why the Bible is a book to our family and why the Feast Days were given to us. We can heavily examine and discuss all of this later. You probably realize by now that a “hard core” truth seeking remnant of white Christian Americans are fast learning that WE and not the so called “jews” are the Israelites of the Holy Bible. God promised us that He would open our eyes to this in the latter times. It’s happening right now just as He said. Without knowing the truth that we are the Israelites, the Bible is a closed book that cannot be understood (which is why the ministers are so confused and teach nothing of any real worth) So here goes:

1. Not all races come from Adam. Adam was the first of our family, not the first two legged being to walk the Earth. The Earth is not merely 7000 years old as the clergy teach. There were dark races here hundreds of thousands of years before Adam and Eve. Bones of people have been dug up in Asia and Africa dating back hundreds of thousands of years. They were here long before Adam’s arrival which was about 7-8 thousand years ago. Adam in Hebrew means “ruddy complexion, rosy, to blush red in the face”. Adam’s descendants in the Bible are described as “fair” “ruddy” “white”. That’s not the dark races. To Adam and Eve was given the job of governing the Earth in righteousness and only Adam’s family can understand how to govern by God’s laws. Adam and Eve “goofed up”, fell into sin, and lost favor with God.

2. An important white descendant of Adam and Eve is Abraham, whose son was Isaac. God promised Abraham that his offspring would become many nations with Kings, and that this would happen through his son Isaac’s descendants. Down through history the name Isaac’s sons became Saacsons and later Saxons --- the white race. No so called “jew” today is a Saxon. Just as God promised, the Saxons (Abrahams descendants) did become many nations as they wound up in Europe becoming the many white Christian nations having Kings. These people (our family) later migrated to North America and some other places on Earth.

3. But long before this, Abraham’s descendants (who happen to be Adam’s descendants too) traveled to Egypt, multiplied greatly, but sadly became slaves to the Egyptians for generations. These were ours (yours and mine) ancestors, which is why the later white Christians such as George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson had such an inborn hatred of tyranny and oppression of our God given liberty to govern ourselves by “God given rights”. God drove this trait into our blood in Egypt all those generations in bondage and we never will take to tyrants, dictators, evil rulers, or communists posing as presidents. Adam’s family loves liberty as no other race on the planet does, even to the point of dying to secure it for family loved ones, as we know from looking at American history and other white Christian lands.

4. After a long time in Egypt, God finally heard the suffering of our family and sent Moses (one of our own) to deliver our race from slavery. Moses was the messenger who “rained on Egypt’s parade” by causing a series of natural disasters so enormous that the ruler of Egypt allowed the Israelites to leave. The final disaster that made Egypt release our family was the night of Passover.

5. On that night God said that He would pass through the land of Egypt and kill the firstborn of man and beast. He further instructed the Israelites to slay a lamb, put its blood on the doorposts of their houses and stay inside all night. When God would go through Egypt as a “death angel” that night He would PASS OVER the Israelites’ dwellings when He saw the blood of the lamb on a door and those inside would not be harmed. Israel was saved by the blood of the lamb. They were told to eat a hasty roasted lamb meal with quickly made unleavened bread because they were all leaving Egypt the next day and were to be freed from the Egyptian slavery. (This was also highly symbolic and prophetic of Jesus the Lamb whose blood God sacrificed later on the Cross to save us from the death of our own sins.)

6. The entire Passover event actually lasted five days since four days before the “death night” Israel was to secure a lamb, keep it on their property, and kill it for Passover night. God called the five day Passover event “His sacrifice” (not ours). However, God said that the only part of Passover that we are commanded to honor and remember is just the ONE DAY, that is, keeping the feast --- not the five days of the animal lamb usage back then. God told the Israelites that they are to celebrate the Passover feast event only --- as a ONE DAY MEMORIAL (and not a 5 day preparation sacrifice) so that we would never forget that it was our ancestors who were slaves in Egypt way back then. Any of the blood use, or raising the lamb for five days was fulfilled by Jesus on the Cross and is not part of this national memorial day. But God did make the night of Passover Feast (14th day of month 1) to be a national memorial to be held as He said “in your generations forever” “to your sons forever”. If you are a son of Saxon Israel that means you. God made it clear that Passover for us now is strictly a MEMORIAL of that ancient event in Egypt and it is not a sacrifice event. “and this day shall be unto you for a MEMORIAL” (Exodus 12:14) The lamb blood was only used once (back then) as an actual plague warning TOKEN for the “death angel” TO SEE (12:13), and what happened back then is now only OBSERVED in remembrance by the people in the feast memorial (12:14;24) as a heritage. [“ --- the Feasts (but not old sacrifices) of Yahweh which ye SHALL proclaim to be holy convocations” Leviticus 23:2,5] “Holy convocations” are assembling of the people and are not sacrifices by priests. The Feast Days in and of themselves were never “proclaimed as sacrifices” although before Christ came animal sacrifices were done on those days. Now that Christ the real Lamb has come the sacrifices have stopped but not the convocations or assembly of the people. These holy days are to be part of our national heritage. Instead, our Saxon family has been fooled into celebrating pagan religious days such as Christmas and Easter which are not to be found in the Bible, and deceived into dropping God’s memorial Feast Days. With God angry with us over this, is it any wonder why our enemies have taken over our nation?

Summary: We Saxons are the Israelites. Our ancestors were the people who were slaves in Egypt. God freed them with great plagues upon the Egyptians. In a five day event, actual lamb blood was the token that saved our ancestors from God’s wrath. Israel was delivered and taken out of Egypt to become their own nation. God made the one night meal (Passover Feast) as a permanent national heritage memorial to deeply remind us to never be slaves to a world evil power any longer, nor slaves to our sins. Jesus Christ is the Lamb of God that saves us from our sins and He is the King of our white Saxon Israel national family. In 1776 the American patriots fought the War of Independence for liberty under their banner cry “No King but Jesus”, --- the Lamb of God. Happy Passover!
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