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Another Economic Bust Waiting To Happen - In Agriculture

Another Economic Bust Waiting To Happen - In Agriculture

Postby Michael » Wed Feb 01, 2012 5:14 am

ALL serious agriculture in the world is carried out by white folk. However, as we know we have generally been a stiff-necked, pride filled, vain, greedy bunch pretty much from the start. So over the last approximately 7 years while agricultural commodity prices have been rising farmers throughout the developed world have been borrowing large amounts of money and spending it on all aspects of their farming operation. By far the largest percentage has been spent on farmland purchases and new equipment. This has led to agricultural land values in most of the developed countries more then doubling in this period. Additionally, most of the equipment upgrades have been funded by the percieved increased equity farmers have in their land due to the rise in the land values. Thus, the equipment investments have been in part funded not by income, but by debt.

There is however, in my opinion, nothing of substance underpinning the over confidence in the agricultural sector, as the higher commodity prices are simply a direct effect of the higher costs of production including, fuel costs, fertilizer, and chemicals. A reletively stable demand for food commodities has also fed over confidence. On the demand side, much talking up of the demand was about China and India's inhabitants gaining a middle class style appetite, and so consuming more. But these areas are also cought in the decline of world manufacturing, so a decline in demand will occur here in my opinion. Therefore, in my opinion, with the rise in production costs offsetting the rise in commodities (wheat etc), and demand likely to fall, this gives no reason whatsoever to pay more for agricultural land, as the overall net profits to the farmer have not changed. Yet, with banks are still generally prepared to lend to 70 percent of the inflated land values. This means that it will only take a 31% correction in land values for those farmers that have borrowed up to the limits to be under water. Farmers have gone with hands out to Babylon's banks and loaded themselves with debt over this period, having been caught up with the over confidence, similar to what occured in farming during the post World War One period and into the depression when most farmers that held a loan obligation lost their farm.

The lower cost of borrowing has also greatly influenced this situation (that is, low interest rates), but that can change at any time with interest rates rising, as they did in the early 80s. There is also a high possibility that interest rates will rise. If the jews in the Federal Reserve devalue the dollar, which they will pretty much have to now to try and inflate the debt away (which of course will not work, but they will do it anyway), they will in turn have to raise interest rates to make investment in dollar bonds etc attractive.

In my opinion, oil prices are not going to drop. All the wars in the Middle-East are/were largely about the privately owned monopolist oil cartels securing the rights to sell the oil reserves there out of the hands of the Arabs, so that prices could be better controlled and more profits made. The jews of course are the owners of the monopolies, and they always go too far in their schemes, as world history shows. It was largely a fight for the expansion of the oil monopolies. They have the monopoly now, so why lower the prices. Other costs within the farmer's production process have to give if people are no longer able to afford food...and populations are starting to not be able to afford food now. The only cost that is in the farmers hands to make a change to is the cost he pays for land, all other costs being dictated to him (assuming he is farming by "conventional" methods, rather than Amish style production processes...I have nothing against the Amish, indeed I believe this to be the best way to farm and work with your brethren in self supporting communities...It is just such a shame that the Amish/Mennonites, etc still don't grasp the truth that there are two seedlines in existence, and that the jews are not part of Judah, but indeed part of the Adversary's seedline). So, it is clear that the cost of land must be reduced, with the corresponding side effects...which would hurt middle American and Western European farmers and communities greatly.

Here is a web link that discusses this highly possible outcome: ... 492&p=6981

Again, this is of course my opinion only, and I only write this, as no doubt many of the folk that read our forum are white folk from the country areas.

The answer is of course...GET OUT OF BABYLON FARMERS (that means get out of debt to the bank), before you and your family are dumped out bankrupt from ownership, with only your clothes on your back, and your farm purchased cheap by international bankers, and you employed back as a serf on a serf's income. This command to remove yourself from Babylon is given in the Scriptures.
Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles? Even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruit; but a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit. A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit. Every tree that bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn down, and cast into the fire. Matthew 7 16-19 KJV
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