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Similar words in Gothic and Icelandic

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Similar words in Gothic and Icelandic

Postby icelander93 » Thu Apr 14, 2011 5:59 am

English Gothic Icelandic

Pause/ Hweilan / Hvíld,Hvíla

Pay/ Laun/ Laun

Hair,fur/ Tagl/ Tagl(Horse head hair)

Penetrate/ Smiugan/ Smjúga

Viewpoint,understanding,attitute/ Frathi/ Fræði(knowledge)

Aeon, vast period, age, eternity/ Aiws/Ævi(lifetime)

Perverted/ Args/ Argur( In old Norse this meant Homosexual, effeminate)

Song, poem/ Liuth/ Ljóð

Spring/ Brunna/ Brunnur

Size, growth/ Wahstus/ Vöxtur

Stomach/ Wamba,Mauko/ Vömb,Magi

Super/ Ufar, Ufar mikil/ Ofur, Mikill

Damage/ Skathis/ Skaði

Daughter/ Dauhtar/ Dóttir

Day/ Dags/Dagur

Every day/ Dag hwanoh/ Dag hvern

Dead/ Dauths/ Dauður

Deaf/ Daufs/ Daufur

Dear/ Liufs/ Masculine Ljúfur, Feminine Ljúf

Put to death/ Dauthan/ Deyða

Deep/ Diups/ Djúpt;Djúpur

Faithful/ Triggws/ Tryggur

Triumph, glory,fame in victory/ Hroth/ Hróður

Fat/ Digrs/ Digur

Ferocity/ Grimmitha/ Grimmd

Finger/ Figgrs(GG is pronounced NG/ Fingur

Fish/ Fisks/ Fiskur

Blushy/ Ga-Riudan/ Rjóður

Ship/ Skip/ Skip

Bosom/Barms/ Barmur

Broad/ Breiths/ Breiður,Breitt

Gallow/ Galga/ Gálgi

Duke/ HArja-Tuga/ Hertogi

Persuade/ Ga-hwatjan/ Hvetja( to encourage)

A nation, tribe/ Thiuda/ Þjóð( Thiohth)

Subsequently/ Afar That-ei/ Eftir það

Magnificent / Wulthags/ Voldugur(powerful)

Mask/ Greima/ Gríma

Medicine/ Lubi/ Lyf

Memory/ Ga-minthi/ Minni

Merry/ Glaths/ Glaður
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