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Necessary Notices and Policies - All New Users Agree to Read These Notices Before Proceeeding to Peruse This Board!!!


Postby wmfinck » Mon Apr 04, 2011 6:21 pm

Due to the extremely large number of spammer scum who have inundated this board with registrations, access to the Christogenea Forum is now by request only. Anyone wishing to join this board must send a message to info (at) and send a polite message requesting an account here.

You MUST use a valid email address and include your desired user name, Once your account is created by an admin, a password will be generated for you, and sent to your email account. You can change the password after you log in.

You should then post a welcome message on the board so that other members may acquaint themselves with you.

Soon all spammers shall go into the Lake of Fire.
Praise Yahweh!

William Finck
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Reason: updated procedure - about three years late, lol
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