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New Servers, New Strategies

PostPosted: Wed Jul 27, 2016 10:04 pm
by wmfinck
The old Christogenea server suffered DDOS attacks and mysql exploits for four straight days from this Saturday. The database caches became corrupted, and therefore the site kept going offline.

I could have rebuilt the old server from database backups (which are made every 4 hours for the main site, and once a day for the others). But the server was 3 years old, a pretty good run considering the earlier experiences we have had with web hosting at Christogenea. I had been pondering an upgrade for 6 months now, and this was the impetus.

So I spent most of Monday server shopping and making sure the old server stayed up. But we still got time for a walk on the beach. Melissa, me, and my tablet, LOL, and I had to restart the database several times along the way. I could have put that on a timer...

I got delivery on a new server Tuesday night, and by this afternoon I had all of the websites on that old server moved to new homes.

I say homes, because I actually replaced the old server with three servers. One large file server, with 4 times the memory and twice the disk space as the old one. And two small cloud servers, so that the radio stream and email services can be separated. Those services expose the server IP numbers to the public, which is one method of attack that has been recently employed against us. So I moved them to separate dedicated spaces.

In the future, I will fragment the services Christogenea employs to an even greater degree. But for now, our email and two radio streams are on separate cloud servers. While it is more to manage, it will cut down on the avenues of possible exploitation, and reduce the risks when a server is compromised.

Which brings me to discuss this forum. This old software will not run on the new server, so I had to move the Forum to one of the two older servers. By next year I will be forced to replace it with something. So that will be under consideration soon...

I am only going to have a discussion program this Saturday, and this topic will be first on the list.

Re: New Servers, New Strategies

PostPosted: Thu Jul 28, 2016 5:44 am
by Joe
While the DOS attacks were happening I was wondering why cloudflare wasn't stopping it. But I know nothing about the infrastructure of the internet.