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The latest road trip

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The latest road trip

Postby wmfinck » Wed Oct 21, 2015 11:03 am

We spent a night in Pensacola, unplanned because Melissa was sick. Almost cancelled the whole trip and turned back. She recovered sufficiently by the next morning so we went on to Biloxi Mississippi. For that we only had one day in Biloxi, so we will have to get back there soon, but it is close to home anyway.

We spent 6 days in North Louisiana, an hour or so south-southeast of Shreveport. We had a wonderful time and thank Don Brown and his family for their kind hospitality. We saw a few Christian Identity brethren, but because of work schedules and hunting seasons we missed a few too, that we had hoped to see. Maybe next year...

We got into Eureka Springs, Arkansas last night. We hope to be here for a week and see many CI brethren. We also hope to visit some places, such as the Gerald L.K. Smith grave and the monuments he was evidently responsible for, at least in part: Christ in the Ozarks and Thorncrown chapel. Not that we are into idols, but they do mark a part of CI history.

We had lunch in Little Rock with Sonny Eanes on the drive up, which was nice. Spent over two hours chatting.

In Louisiana the internet connection was only DSL, and we did not have the bandwidth necessary to feed the audio streams. The Saturday program was especially effected because of the extra connection for Mark and the fact that we could not log into Talkshoe. Go figure. Thank Yahweh God that the recording did turn out well, somehow. Hopefully we will do better this weekend, since we are in a larger town with good broadband service, and here I can fall back on the cellphone, which for data was useless in the Louisiana woods.
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Re: The latest road trip

Postby Acrimonious » Wed Oct 21, 2015 2:30 pm

I'm glad to hear the trip is going well and that Melissa is feeling better. Is it humid there? I've never been to that region of the country.

Don't worry about Saturday's broadcast; the people in the Talkshoe chat understood that there were some issues (I'm assuming you didn't see that chatroom), and I'm sure they've seen the link for download by now.
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Re: The latest road trip

Postby brucebohn » Wed Oct 21, 2015 5:03 pm

It is great that you have been able to make time to travel.
The fellowship is so very important..
Yahweh Bless, and be safe.....
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