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Problem listening to Christogenea website audio players?

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Problem listening to Christogenea website audio players?

Postby wmfinck » Wed Mar 04, 2015 3:42 pm

Some people do have this problem. At times, and especially for people far away from our servers, audios seem to get "stuck", where no matter how many times you hit the player, it keeps stopping at the same place.

THAT is a problem with the rather crummy Firefox cache system. It thinks it has the entire audio, and it does not. So it keeps on playing the same short segment. That is a Firefox developer stupidity problem, and it is not a problem with the website or servers. USUALLY if you clear the cache before playing another file, it will be resolved.

But there is a better way to play podcasts on your computer without downloading them:

Download and install a media player called VLC. Use the official VLC website only:

After installation, right-click on the link to one of the podcasts on the website and click "Copy Link Location" or "Copy URL" or whatever your browser's equvalent is on the pop-up menu. The links are found below the players.

Start VLC and click MEDIA on the menu, and choose OPEN LOCATION FROM CLIPBOARD

Paste the link to the audio file into the resulting dialog box and click PLAY

This will work for any audio file on the internet, so long as you can get the link to the actual file.
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