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Continued Malmö violence embarrasses police

PostPosted: Thu Feb 09, 2012 6:23 am
by icelander93
Continued Malmö violence embarrasses police ... es-police/

Police in Malmö, southern Sweden, have admitted that they are “embarrassed and irritated” after a man was murdered and a police station fire bombed, despite a huge drive to combat crime in the area.

A man was shot dead in his car at around 21.00 on Tuesday 31st January, while a nearby police station was badly damaged in a fire bombing in the early hours of the next morning.

The two incidents are not thought to be connected, but officials believe the attack on the police station could be a response to the more robust crime fighting measures recently introduced in the troubled district. Despite a focus on searching for illegal weapons, last week’s murder marks the eighth in the area since May.

“The entire Swedish police force stands behind Malmö. We have received reinforcements and continue to work under previous guidelines,” Hans Nordin of the Skåne Police told news agency TT.

Börje Sjöholm of the Malmö police added that they are searching for clues on the two most recent incidents, but that they need help from the community. “It’s important that those who know anything dare to come forward. We protect our witnesses,” he said.

Two people have already been fatally shot in Malmö since the start of the year, leading to questions about whether the additional policing has only led to more violence. Nordin admitted that they are disappointed, but insisted that the initiative still has potential.

“No, it’s no failure. But it is very embarrassing that another murder has occurred, and very irritating that we couldn’t do anything to prevent it,” Nordin told TT.

Malmö Mayor Ilmar Reeplau also expressed his frustration over the matter. Speaking to the Sydsvenskan newspaper after the latest events, he said, “It’s bloody awful. We have had a massive police operation on Malmö’s streets, but the violence is only continuing. The Swedish law system is being ignored and is not respected any longer.”

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