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Trolls that think they are smart and are really quite stupid

PostPosted: Thu May 12, 2016 2:34 pm
by wmfinck
I get these challenges from Jewish trolls who pose as intellectuals on YouTube and other venues, and they think that they can possibly make valid arguments against my methods and reasoning. So recently I was challenged to define deism, and I was also challenged on the definition of theos, the Greek word for god. Silly Jews, these things are easy to answer.

To a Christian, the Old Testament God, Yahweh, is God and there are no others. So I have no problem whatsoever reading the Greek word theos in reference to Yahweh, and writing Yahweh instead writing God. That is no different than what the Jews and the Septuagint and King James Translators have done with the Greek word kurios when they made their Greek and English versions of the Old Testament and substituted it for the Tetragrammaton. If they turned the Tetragrammaton into a title where they saw fit, then I have license to turn their titles into the Tetragrammaton where I see fit, and I choose to represent the Tetragrammaton with the word Yahweh. Only a Jew would despise me for that.

As for deism, neither am I going to allow the Jews to define that word for me. I can define it for myself. Deism is the vain notion that a vague and ill-defined God can exist outside of the God of Scripture. Deism is the vain notion that that one’s God is somehow distinct from the revealed Word of God in Scriptures. Having such a concept, one can imagine the character of one’s own deity, and all of the laws of that deity or the things which one should do to please that deity can also be imagined. With deism, one can be one’s own god. Therefore Deism is a mere wrapper for Jewish relativism, and all Christians must reject it.

I have also been challenged on the concept of an anthropomorphic God ruling over men made in his image. First, in the Wisdom of Solomon we see that the image of God is His own eternity, and that the Adamic man was made in that image, as well as in His likeness. Secondly, we see that Yahweh God did not start out as a mere anthropomorphic image, but rather, He designed man with the thought of ruling over His Own Creation as a man – Jesus Christ. Of course, the Jews have always denied that, and by arguing against it my trolls reveal their true nature.

With Jews, you lose.

Re: Trolls that think they are smart and are really quite st

PostPosted: Thu May 12, 2016 2:42 pm
by wmfinck
PS: Reading the description of the Sadducees in Josephus (i.e. Wars of the Judaeans 2:164-165), compare it to the definition of Deism as it is offered by Google. They are practically identical in principle. So Deists are Sadducees, or more correctly, Jews.

Re: Trolls that think they are smart and are really quite st

PostPosted: Thu May 12, 2016 5:04 pm
by Kentucky
Deists aint what they used to be:

Pastor Mark Downey interviews Pastor Ken Lent on William Finck's Christogenea Internet radio talk show on Friday 9/14/2012 and then the 2 pastors are joined by Bill Fink on 3/2/2013. Interesting and lively!

Part 1: Discussed are the claims by some anti-Constitution factions that the founding fathers were immoral deists undermining the Christian roots of early America. ... ian-part-1

Part 2: This discussion covers Article 6, Haym Salomon, Treaty of Tripoli, Freemasonry and Thomas Paine. ... ian-part-2