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Knights Templars – Warrior-Monks or Kabbalistic Cult?

Knights Templars – Warrior-Monks or Kabbalistic Cult?

Postby Coenraad » Thu May 07, 2015 12:17 am

The Knight Templars Order hold a special place in Christian history – there are many legends and myths surrounding the Order – some good some bad. What is the truth? What we want to be true and cognitive disconnect play a big role in how we are fed misinformation.

The following is not an attempt of a complete analysis of the Templars at all but just some brief notes and my views after discussions on the above on the Teamspeak forum. If there is a need/request I shall endeavour to make full clarification. (there is a lot that can written on these two organisations and there many offspring).

We have to remember to place the Templars in context in history – and please keep the terminology below in mind.

I shall attempt to answer the following:
Where they true warrior-monks?
What they really believed
Where they guilty of sodomy?

1) Introduction
2) Terminology
3) Knight Templars how the changed
4) Conclusion and became of the Templars?
5) Sources

1) Terminology:
The following meanings will be implied when the following words are used – :
Esoteric - (a) understood by or meant for only the select few who have special knowledge or interest, (b) belonging to the select few, (c) private; secret; confidential, (d) (of a philosophical doctrine or the like) intended to be revealed only to the initiates of a group
Inner and Outer circle – in an organisation only the inner (mostly often the higher ranking members know real secrets/knowledge/purpose while the members in the outer circle believe that the purpose of the organisation is something completely different. (The inner circle can be as small as 1 or 2 % of the organisation)
Mysteries – (a) anything that is kept secret or remains unexplained or unknown, (b) a sacramental rite, (c) any truth that is unknowable except by divine revelation
Occult – (a) of or relating to magic, astrology, or any system claiming use or knowledge of secret or supernatural powers or agencies, (b) beyond the range of ordinary knowledge or understanding; mysterious, (c) secret; disclosed or communicated only to the initiated, (d) hidden from view, (e) as a noun: the supernatural or supernatural agencies and affairs considered as a whole or occult studies or sciences
Symbolism – (a) the practice of representing things by, symbols or of investing things with a symbolic meaning or character, (b) the use of any of certain special figures or marks of identification to signify a religious message or divine being

2) Knight Templars - how they changed:
The result of the 1st Crusade was the capture of Jerusalem but not of the lands surrounding it. Pilgrims to Jerusalem was in danger of attack not only from Muslims but also from bandits on route from the coast to the city. In same cases hundreds of pilgrims were killed in single attacks. The Knight Templars where founded in 1120 with the aim of protecting these pilgrims.

The King of Jerusalem had given them a headquarters in the wing of the royal palace on the Temple Mound – the royal palace was believed to be build where Temple of Solomon once stood. The order had few funds and survived and operated from funds derived from donations. Hence the title The Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon with an emblem of 2 knights on one horse (showing their poverty).

The Templars funding problems where solved when the Order was endorsed by the Catholic Church in 1129 – this blessing made the Order one of the favoured charities in Christendom. The success of the 1st Crusade had made Christians eager to support the Crusades and money flowed in. Also land and even business where donated to the Templars. Young noble men flogged to the banner and quickly swelled the ranks.

In 1139 with a papal bull the Order was exempted from all local laws in the countries they operated – this meant that the Templars could travel freely through all Christendom and NOT pay any taxes. The Order was subject to the authority of the Pope only and did not have to answer to any king or ruler.

The inflow of funds allowed the Order to equip their knights well and together with strict discipline and high morale they became a very efficient fighting force.

The Templar's heavily armoureded knights became the shock troops of the Crusaders - often charging ahead of the main force and with the momentum of knight and warhorse in mass try to break the enemy ranks which the rest of the Crusaders could exploit. They where instrumental in many victories like in the Battle of Montgisard where 500 knights (375 to 400 Templars) supported by about 3000 Christian infantry defeated Saladin's Muslim army of over 20 000 utterly.

The Templars as a military order and their acts are well documented and I shall not go into that any further. Although by 1250 rumours of the Order's greed were growing. Even stories of sieges lifted when the Templars where paid off by the Muslims. This theme of love of money become more and more consistent as time went on and become part of how people saw the Order.

Anglo-Norman French poem of about 1250 in a comment of the state of society at the time accused the clergy and Hospitallers of womanising but stated that Templars where to busy making money to have time for sex : “The Templars are most doughty men and they certainly know how to look after themselves, but they love pennies ton much; when prices are high they sell their wheat instead of giving it to their dependants.”

The Templar love for pennies made them instead of turning all the land (farms,vineyards etc.) and business donated to them into currency to fund the effort in the “Holy Land”, the Order kept them and started managing them for profit. They quickly become the first multinational business. The Order grew by acquiring more farms and vineyards, got involved in manufacturing as well as import and export of a wide variety of goods. They had their own fleet – not for the support of the campaigns in the “Holy Land” but as trading ships. At one stage they owned the whole island of Cyprus.

The Order had stepped into banking by 1150 by giving letters of credit to pilgrims. Pilgrims would make a deposited at a Templar office and receive a letter of credit (for the value of their deposit) before setting sail for the “Holy Land” and once there they would receive from the Templars funds equal to the value stipulated on the letter of credit. This soon grew to a “banking” system spanning the whole of Christendom and was a service offered to all travellers. These Templar offices started to acts as banks for safe keeping of valuables.

Usury was still forbidden by the Church then but the Order charged “service fees” instead – which added a major boost to the profits of the Templar Knights.

While the fortunes of the Templars rose in Europe in the “Holy Land” the tide had turned against the Crusaders and by 1244 Jerusalem was captured by the Muslims and held until 1917.
By 1303 the Crusaders had lost all lands in Palestine and the Order had lost its military purpose.

At the start of 1300's after 200 years the Order controlled a great enterprise - hundreds of Knight Templar Houses could be found spread all over Europe and the Near East, a wide variety of businesses (farming, manufacturing, export and import etc.), vast estates and more than a 100 catsles belonged to the Order. As well as a banking network covering most of Christendom supplying banking services and loans especially to nobles and kings. Due to the fact that they still where only subject to the authority of the pope and did not pay tax they where in fact a “state within a state”.

By 1300 rumours of the Order's internal workings, initiations rites, ceremonies and believes where common. These where supplemented by ousted Templars some of which accused the Order of various heresies to the church. King Philip IV of France and his ministers had already discussed these accusations when in 1307 Pope Clement V asked King Phillip in a written request to help in investigating the Order.

The Pope was reluctant to act against the Order but King Philip on Friday the 13 October 1307 acted against the Templars in France. De Molay (Grand Master) and scores of other Templars leaders where arrested. The arrest warrant started with the phrase - “God is not pleased. We have enemies of the faith in the kingdom”. The claim was that during Templar initiation rites and ceremonies recruits where forced to spit on the cross, deny Christ, venerating idols and indecent kissing and that the Order encouraged homosexual practices (also acts of sodomy).

And the there where charges of financial corruption, fraud and secrecy – but these financial charges seemed not be disputed much and are accepted even by Templar historians so I will leave them aside and focus on the religious and sexual charges. (We all know bankers are corrupt anyway or I hope we know).

Confessions where obtained (some not all under duress and torture) by various investigations. And the conclusion was that all the above charges where true.

The scandal forced the Pope to act and on 22 November 1307 instructed all Christian monarchs to arrest the Templars and seize their assets. Found guilty various Templars were burned at the stake in 1310. In 1312 and only after King Philip threatened military action against the Church did the Pope disband the Order. The Grand Master De Molay and De Charney (Preceptor of Normandy) who had confessed under torture retracted their confessions and insisted on their innocence. Because of the retraction De Molay and De Charney where declared relapsed heretics and burned at the stake on 18 March 1314.

The remaining Templars in Europe where arrested and trailed – some where convicted but most where not. By Papal degree the property of the Templars where handed to the Order of Hospitallers.
Without an order the remaining Templars joined other military orders, retired or fled to areas not under Papal control. (excommunicated Scotland and Switzerland for example but that and the legends of the Templar fleet is an other story).

Was this the acts of a King eliminating his lender (which he owned a vast amount) or was there something to these charges?
To get some insight of King Philip's actions although with some bias see Encyclopaedia Britannica under the heading King Philip IV King of France - Persecution of the Jews and Knights Templars.

If the Templars where guilty of heresy then King Philips actions are fully justified.

There is a INCREDIBLE amount of legend and spin surrounding the Templars, especially when it comes to their rituals, believes and ceremonies. I believe that it is mostly to confuse the issue and muddy the water as so often happens in misinformation. If you look at the authors of books on the Templars, like some of the once I list as sources they confess to be Templars/Masons or proof to be after investigation.

Some historians like J Edgeller state that it is “necessary to look beyond the absolutes of guilt and innocence and find solace in a lovely shade of grey”. Which for me sums up the misinformation effort as far as the majority of opinion on the Order is concerned and that is by design to make the issue seem grey.

The Order had mystery initiation rituals and ceremonies which where esoteric and occult in nature.
Again quoting J Edgeller we can see how the acceptance of these believes are now propagated - “By examining the heritage and tradition of Templar monasticism, the initiation ritual, and the charges made at the time of Philip’s suppression, it is possible to come to a better understanding of Templar initiation rite and open new discussion on the Templar’s guilt. Templar initiation rites did exist. By studying them, it is possible to see how real rituals and symbols might have been pejoratively interpreted by hostile outsiders.”

Sounds a bit like something Masons say – “we are misunderstood but must just believe us when we say that it is all good” - it will sound more and more like the Masons as we continue.

Edgeller and so many other historians are correct, it was King Phillip that initiated and forced (even by threatening military action) the Church to act and end the Order. The church's reluctance might have been that it was guilty of most of the charges leveled against the Order by then as the reformation confirmed.

To gain clarity on the accusations and confessions given one has to compare the confessions gained under torture (France and Italy), to where only some confession where gained under torture (England) and to confession gained with no torture (Cyprus, Ireland and Iberian Peninsula). The confessions gained under torture must be viewed critically and at would dismiss a lot of charges and we shall put them aside as the matter does indeed become grey.
Some confession where made voluntarily (even years later) after absolution was obtained and they are quite often the most telling.

I will tackle the sodomy charges first and get it out of the way. The Order had 9 points of order that a Templar could be expelled from the order for. These where public and was part of the public image of the Templars. Point four states: “fourth sin if a brother is tainted with the filthy, stinking sin of sodomy which is so filthy and so stinking and so repugnant that it should not be named.”

Sadly it was not the fact in practise.

We must note that Sodomy in that period of time had wide a definition – it did not just include male/male anal intercourse it also included any same sex sexual activity. Based on this definition the Order was guilty of sodomy in many ways.

The following can be confirmed:
a) during initiation rituals recruits where expected to kiss other members, sometimes on the base of the spine, lie down naked next to each etc. (these ceremonies got weirder the older the Order got)
b) through most confessions it is clear that although sex with women was forbidden they had permission to engage in homosexual acts and was actually actively encouraged to do so, almost all confessions that mention sodomy confirm this (most stated that they did not indulge in that)
c) some younger members confessed being taken “advantage” off by senior members and that when they had complained to other senior brothers they where told that is the way it is
d) some members confessed of regular homosexual acts – some full sodomy some only other “lesser” acts
a lot of confessions confessed knowing about homosexual happenings but that they did not take part

Again almost all confessions of sodomy state that only after they where initiated into the Order (could only leave Order with out permission of Grand Master or Pope) and it was too late where they told that “cohabitation with women was prohibited to him, but was told that the brothers' beds were common between them”.

A very esoteric act – only the members know the truth, people outside the organisation are not allowed that information.

During the “inquisition” the questioners did not dwell on the sodomy confessions as much as they did on the charges of heresy. (The bishops and priest must have know the answers already). Most confession where of here say and most members named by the accused where already dead.

The majority of the members especially the active fighting members on campaign just ignored the homosexual happenings and got on with job of fighting the Muslim, but younger members where forced/coarsened into it and some members revelled in it. Most members of the Order where employed outside the “Holy Land” managing and running the business enterprise that was The Knights Templar – this is where members would have a lot more time and opportunity to act on such matters if so inclined.

Like the today an organisation that stops men from having sexual intercourse with women will at some stage have members that will indulge in homosexuality and recruit other people like them and so they will become a bigger and bigger influence in the organisation (Catholic Church and its priests comes to mind) - nearly 200 years must have been long enough for the cancer to have become quite common.

Enough said - there are people who write university papers on the subject of Sodomy and the Templars! (Only in this day and age).

Most writers today question not the sodomy acts happening but rather the act of questioning and punishing the act.

The charges of heresy is a lot more important and interesting. It is here that the esoteric occult nature of the Templars and their legacy become very clear.

Again the process of questions and confessions musty be compared between those made under torture, to those without torture and those made later with little fear of consequents.

In “The Templars Trails” by J Shallow (written 1888) although sympathetic to the Order he states as follows:
“The matter, however is less doubtful. There is a superior God, the true one, who created heaven and earth, who is not dead and will not die. Beneath him there is a Holy One who talks to God when he pleases; practically omnipotent, he is the 'conventional' God and the conventional Mahound combined; he leads lay-men to desire admission to the Temple, and procures for them, and wins them the love of their superiors; he provides Templars with horses and gold when in difficulties, make the lands of the Order fertile, its trees bloom, and cattle calve, and, by making brethren wise and rich, saves them both body and soul. On the other hand, Jesus Christ, whom they paint pictures of in Church, is a mere man, crucified by the Jews for his crime in calling himself the True God; his body is not in the wafer, and all true Templars must renounce him at Initiation. Each novice, after admission, must thrice deny the Crucified, and spit on the Cross, and then kiss the Preceptor, or he them, three, or properly four times, usually in an upward direction, and consent to the committal of Crime”

Note: "Mahound" is a derogatory name for Mohamed (Founder if Islam) that was used in Europe from the Middle Ages through the 19th century.

Since then a lot of research and confessions that became available publicly have confirmed and expounded this summary of the nature of The Templar's believes. Not to be discarded is the information supplied by members of the organisations that grew out of the Templars.

Here is just some points to remember – the Templars applied all of the following :
Esoteric: Statue books where only shown to a few and private copies where regularly burned
Esoteric: They had levels/ranks for members and knowledge was distributed accordingly (Inner/outer circle principal)
Mysteries: They had secret rites and ceremonies which only members where privy too.
Occult: The Order's members believed they possessed knowledge beyond normal peoples understanding
Symbolism: The order had various practices of investing things with symbolic meaning – quite often very non-Christian symbolism, idols where worshipped and used to bless recruits or parts of thier equipment

The aim of this writing is not to cover the Kabbalah (Also spelled – Cabala, Cabalah, Qabalan) but a very basic understanding of the Kabbalah is required to understand the accusations and the confessions by the Templar Order and how they changed from Christian warrior-monk society to a Kabbalistic Religion.

For a superficial understanding of the Jewish Kabbalah see: ... ing_of_God
- especially the place that EIN SOF has in the hierarchy of gods in the Jewish Kabbalah.
For the present the following quote will do:
“Kabbalah's definition varies according to the tradition and aims of those following it, from its religious origin as an integral part of Judaism, to its later Christian, New Age, and Occultist syncretic adaptations. Kabbalah is a set of esoteric teachings meant to explain the relationship between an unchanging, eternal, and mysterious Ein Sof (infinity) and the mortal and finite universe (God's creation).”
“It is the origin of the Ohr Ein Sof, the "Infinite Light" of paradoxical divine self-knowledge, nullified within the Ein Sof prior to Creation”

Sounds like a lot of “mumbo-jumbo” but it becomes apparent after study that Ein Sof is the main god that Jews worship, who is above the God we know as YAHWEH and that Ein Sof is the “Infinite Light” that they seek/worship and aim to become one with. The Light (Lucifer) that New Age religions seek is Ein Sof not YAHWEH. YAHWEH is subjected to Ein Sof, Ein Sof is the superior God of the Templars.

Note: Lucifer is the “light” or also Spiritual Entity / Fallen Angel called Satan, Milton introduced the name Lucifer to us as an alternative name for Satan in his 17th century poem. I do believe Satan and the angels are locked up as the bible says, no buts there. The spirits our fight is against and who guide the little satans walking around in leather shoes (or jews for those who don't know the term) are the demons that have no place to go coming from the fallen angels mixing with “Man” and from the fallen angels manipulation of YAHWEH's creation to create their “offspring” as Jude explains.
Ephesians 6:11-12 - Put on the full armor of Yahweh, for you to be able to stand against the methods of the False Accuser, because for us the struggle is not against blood and flesh, but against
realms, against authorities, against the rulers of the order of this darkness, against the spiritual
things of wickedness among the heavenly places.

REMEMBER IT IS NOT WHAT WE BELIEVE – IT IS WHAT THE PEOPLE WHO BELIEVE IN THIS LIGHT BELIEVE THAT MATTERS – because they act accordingly and shape the world we live in!
The people in these organisations strive and help each other to become our authorities and rulers and only with knowledge and acceptance of YAHWEH's truth can they be withstood.

After that side note – look again at the Templar's hierarchy of gods – First the superior god, then the god Christians know as God. Heaven turned upside down, exactly as most the Masons and most New Age religions believe.

Christ has no place in this hierarchy and punished for pretending to be God (same as stated in Talmud).

The place of Mahound/Mohamed is interesting and explains the charges and facts that during the last 50 years the Templars often made alliances with Muslims and even at some stages fought with Muslim against Christians (money seemed to be major factor in the motivation and this fact was exploited by the Muslims). This concession to the Muslims would have allowed them to swear oaths of allegiances to each other without breaking any pledges they had made to God as they are one and the same.

I don't know if more need to be said – Denying CHRIST for me ends the argument! This is not disputed and confirmed over and over again.

When did they change? It seems to be gradual corruption that can be judged in various ways – one is to look at the churches the Order build – from the first, the famous Temple Church (great part western history) – free from any of the Kabbalistic symbolism to the St Michael's church, Garway where carvings of the horned Green Man can be seen, that was about 1180, so that would be 30 years after the Order became bankers.

3) Conclusion and what became of the Templars?
The Jewish/Kabbalah influence in Masonry is easily proven – not so easily in the Templars because they did not write things down and the secrets where well kept. Their believes as stated above correspond with the Kabbalah. Furthermore circumstantial evidence says that in the “Holy Land” they came into contact with Jews a lot more than they would have in Europe. These Jews taught them banking and running business for profit at the expense of the society. Together with that came the other Kabbalistic believes in the nature of god, all the other superstitions associated with idols and the super natural (all which is rife in the kabbalah) which the Templars practised.

The Order seemed to have started out true – but like the oath to abstain from women in order to focus on the war effort over time became something degenerate and veil.

The Order took money/lands etc. from rich and poor alike on the pretence of fighting a “Holy War” against the Muslim but instead lived of those donations and even enriched themselves. The “consent to commit crime” allowed them to make a profit for the organisation even in non-legal ways and that became the main reason for the Orders existence.

Did the Templars continue in other ways? Yes they learned from their first attempt and morphed in top much more sophisticated organisations like the Freemasons, Rosicrucians and even Illuminati.

The Templar's superior god seems very much like the Grand Architect or “G” of the Masons and he is. For Masons he is above all other gods (even YAHWEH) and there fore all faiths and religions can easily slot into the organisation serving the “true God”/The Light/Satan/Lucifer”.

When de Molay and his followers claimed to follow God – which God did the follow? The superior god or YAHWEH? I think a little research proofs that is the superior god not YAHWEH. As martyrs they died but not Christian martyrs.

4) Sources:
The History of the Knights Templars - Charles G Addison 1842 [ESO of the inner temple]
The Knight Templars - PL de Coster [Grand Master General of O.S.F.A.R.]
The Templars Trails - J Shallow
Sodomy and the Knights Templar 1996 - A Gilmour-Bryson
Taking the Templar Habit: Rule, Initiation Ritual, and the Accusations against the Order – J Edgeller
History Today- Saints or Sinners Knight Templars - ... val-europe
Crusade against The Grail - Otto Rahn
The Worship of Generative Powers – The Templar Knights
On the Worship of Priapus (1865) - RP Knight
The Guilt of the Templars - Gershon Legman
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Re: Knights Templars – Warrior-Monks or Kabbalistic Cult?

Postby Coenraad » Fri May 08, 2015 3:40 pm

Should have added these - shows where the Templar Knights fit into Masonic hierachy:
The Steps of Freemasonry.jpg
The Steps of Freemasonry.jpg (802.71 KiB) Viewed 2880 times
Structure of Freemasonry.jpg
Structure of Freemasonry.jpg (115.93 KiB) Viewed 2880 times
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Re: Knights Templars – Warrior-Monks or Kabbalistic Cult?

Postby Joe » Wed May 13, 2015 6:15 am

Very interesting, I did not know much about the Knights Templars. Denying Christ?, Sodomy? ...sounds like any other mainstream 'Christian' organization today.

I think it is amazing that the kabbalah is 'based' on the Old Testament; supposedly a 'mystical' interpretation of the Old Testament. But if you read the OT there is no way to reach those kinds of interpretations. eg. That there is any god besides Yahweh God.

You would think that at some point an intelligent man would have to go back to the Bible and think about it. But we still have all these freemasons ...most of them white. Amazing.
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Re: Knights Templars – Warrior-Monks or Kabbalistic Cult?

Postby Coenraad » Wed May 13, 2015 9:12 pm

Sad but true!

One thing though, the kabbalah HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH OLD TESTAMENT! That come to us at the same time as the lie that jews are Hebrews. Because people believed them to be Israel people believed that the info they tell us is true (kabbalah etc.)

Simply put from a kabbalah source - "Kabbalah is a Hebrew word from the root kabel, which means receive. A kabbalah is a received teaching or tradition. The Kabbalah refers specifically to the body of received mystical teachings of the Torah." should rather read on the Torah. It is "lawyer" spin on how to not follow the Torah.

It is the tradition of the Edomite elders that Christ referred to. It is the mystery traditions that ruined Egypt, Babylon etc.

In short it is the worship of the fallen angels!

If you look at the New Age religions – UFO's, ascended masters, aliens that are coming to safe us etc. all that comes out of the Kabbakah.

If need be I shall, write more on this
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Re: Knights Templars – Warrior-Monks or Kabbalistic Cult?

Postby Joe » Thu May 14, 2015 3:10 am

I wouldn't mind hearing more of what you know on this subject if you have time, you certainly are more knowledgeable than me.

And I agree, I simply meant that if a learned man, a freemason, wanted to find more ...well using that definition he would end-up looking at the OT. And you would think that such a man would find that the kabbalah is rubbish after learning from the Old Testament.

I fully agree with what you say about it being a circumvention.

In short it is the worship of the fallen angels!

Many occultists say the fallen angels sacrificed themselves for 'man-kind'. I don't know where they get this ...probably the kabbalah.

It is the tradition of the Edomite elders that Christ referred to. It is the mystery traditions that ruined Egypt, Babylon etc.

Very interesting, that is clear with your definition of 'received tradition'.

Some say it started as early as herod in 43AD, as a response to Christianity. I heard this in 'Communism through the backdoor part 3'. ... Mc&index=3
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Re: Knights Templars – Warrior-Monks or Kabbalistic Cult?

Postby Coenraad » Thu May 14, 2015 5:01 am

How learned men fall for the Jews and their lies? That is the million dollar question!

Look in history and scholars like Elias Ashmole for example – you only have to study a little to realise he was influenced heavily by Paul Isaiah (lived before his time) and by Solomon Franco (Elais's hebrew teacher).

Look at Luther – he never saw the full truth on them as Bill so clearly pointed out.

Swift fell for the kabbalah as “wisdom” – and that has a big influence on why CI people quote the kabbalah so freely without ever having fully looked into it! How they believe the jews who they suppose to know are at least evil (we know them as satan) baffles the mind – YET THEY DO!

How much more will people who do not know who the jews are fall for the lies!

It must be the delusion Yahweh send because we don't like the truth.

Also I think the jews promise to offer a complete answer to a lot of questions and people are just to happy to accept it. Save a lot of work/time or that is what they believe!

What stands out very clearly that Blavatsky, Hall etc. are all influenced by the kabbalah. They all admit and quote it!

It all comes down to the old lie – man can become like god and it still sells!

Secret Societies play on the fact that people want to be special - and by getting “hidden” knowledge they go along without questioning or studding – that problem is once an idea is bought it is very hard to stop and investigate those believes, it is so much easier to just go along with it.

The gnostics are they once that sell the fallen angels as good guys a lot and that people fall for all the time!

I saw NWO – communism by the back door (must say I do not like youtube videos as place for serious info) – saw that about Herod and the mysterious force. The document “Dissipation of the Darkness – The Origin of Masonry” by G.S. Lawrence if true would explain a lot BUT no second source! Hope it is not a lie to try and connect jews/kabbalah to templars/masons because it is NOT needed. The evidence is every where once you go past the info they dish out to the public.

The problem is that most study on the kabbalah is done by judea-christians who because they don't get the jews and race facts are half blind and you have to sift through a lot of spiritual judea-christian nonsense to find the truth in their research.

Myself got exposed to the whole new age thing (we follow people to funny places – my case a woman) once there the Dutch-Reformed upbringing although VERY Calvinistic and so mistaken on so many things ate least made sure I knew playing with spirits is not good. So I observed only, took the books they gave me and started looking into it. The kabbalah was clearly the one thing all the books had in common. That took me to the masons because it sounded so much like what they believe and it is 100% the same – from masons the path also lead to the jews as source of it all.

The story is so clearly opposite to the bible or at least twisted version of the bible!

The power of symbolism – which is just marketing to cause association – is so underestimated. If marketing did not work billions of dollars would not be spend on it all the time!

I shall write on the masons and include a LOT of sources – will make time next week.
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