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I gotta get a body-cam!

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I gotta get a body-cam!

Postby Staropramen » Tue May 03, 2016 1:48 am

Several folks on Teamspeak have suggested that I get a body-cam to document some of my encounters here in kiketown. A missed opportunity of pure gold today has convinced me that I should no longer procrastinate and get one.

So today was officially the last day moving stuff out of our old residence. Moving has been a longer, more tedious affair than normal. I don't want to get into exact details but it was my landlord's fault that it took much longer than normal to move. Not being entirely sure how long it would actually take I told my landlord that I would pay her weekly until we were gone. I paid her for one week on a Friday but we stopped sleeping there the following Tuesday. My wife and I discussed it and agreed that since the landlord is at fault here we would not pay her beyond the time that we actually lived [slept] there. The landlord agreed that as long as we weren't living there we could go back and forth during their "passover" week to move stuff without further payment.

Today we were finishing up and she came outside and started demanding more money. On one previous occasion I had explained to her why I felt she was at fault with this situation. She denied being at fault. But she's a kike so what else is new? Nonetheless as I already stated she agreed to our demands presumably because she knew she was at fault even though she wouldn't admit it.

So today she's demanding more money and saying that I don't keep my word. The following exchange which I regret not having a document of ensued;

"you said you would pay me until you leave"

[I state what actually transpired a few times to no avail]

"you said, you said......give me money...yadda, yadda......"

"Ok, Sarah, here's the truth. I went to the synagogue and prayed the Kol Nidre....."

[her eyes lit up with absolute fear and indignation]

"you know the Kol oath is not an oath, a contract is not a contract....right?"

Her reaction was just beyond priceless! I have to get a body-cam!

"Of course I'm being humorous. I didn't really go to the synagogue". I then confronted her again with the facts about why she was at fault and she just went nuts. It was hilarious.

As we drove away she stood looking at us out of her living room window with the ugliest scowl I've ever seen. I wanted to flip her the finger but then I thought that my wife's beaming smile and hand waving was even funnier so I refrained.

She worked hard for years with the local OGPU trying to destroy me. She has failed. The gates of hell shall never prevail against me!
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Re: I gotta get a body-cam!

Postby Joe » Tue May 03, 2016 5:44 am

Hey thanks Staro, there is definitely something about you. I cannot explain why your life is filled with such great stories. Perhaps it is because you are also good at telling them and because you are a fighter. One of the best so far :lol:
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