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1970s / 1980's memories

PostPosted: Mon May 02, 2016 8:03 am
by Les
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so I was about 3 or 4 or 5 years old, guess this was around 1972-73-74 I guess, and already, thought I was smarter than everybody else.
I didn't know it back then, but was told I was a brat, many many years later from my step-brother's wife.

I think after Mom left us alone one afternoon, me (and my sister who was napping), and I woke up early from a nap when she was out, and exploring the bathroom, and thought to brillcreem my hair with an entire tube and when Mom returned, she freaked out, making me shampoo it out, even though I thought I looked cooler than Dad.
I never knew if she was angry that I did it, or if Dad would flip out if he knew I wasted his hair cream?


in 1971/72/73, My Mom took us along "shopping". This meant, leaving us to check out toys while she disappeared to shop, and maybe have some free time to herself finally.

She went to another shop, and left us us at the shop she knew I liked, with the airplane/tank/race car models.
Well, after 30 minutes or an hour, who knows the time, I guess , I was finally bored. Seen and played with everything. I started asking for my mother and the cashier was an asshole and yelled at me to get out. In the 1970s, adults were allowed to at children. This is how it was for thousands of centuires, to show us our place / pecking order.

After awhile, I got my 2 year old sister and we waited outside.

We were impatient, as all children are.
we eventually started making the trek back home, across an intersection and up a hill, as I had no idea about searching every store in the strip mall ... these days looking at a map, it is nothing, maybe a 5 minute fast walk ?
...For a young child it was HOURS...
I think I prolonged the inevitable, that was when my 2 or 3 year old sister started complaining / crying .. when we got bored ... so.... for whatever reason, my younger 2 or 3 year old sister starts complaining we should go..and she got really bad when we are almost home. like almost crying / whining, and i had no idea what to do.
Pretty sure we were only about 5 houses away.
this makes no sense... I finally get sick of her complaining. I can't remember if she just sat on the sidewalk waiting, as she whined she was so tired to go any where / anymore.
Pretty crazy, eh?
A small, crying blond girl on a sidewalk in the suburbs in the early 1970s.
Wow, hard to believe that nothing evil happened ! Except the asshole neighbor who ran over my kickball in the driveway, and said it was my fault I left it on his property.

so, I can't remember for sure, but think I started walking down the street / hill, back towards the mall, and trying to keep my sister in sight who was sitting there.
Was relieved when I seen Mom walking up the street and totally freaked out, saying she thought we were taken.
THEN.. MOM freaked out on me because my sister was gone where I left her !
That it was MY responsibility to never have left her by herself !
Good thing we found her waiting at our front door or up the street where she was too tired to move anymore.

anyways .... are all mothers crazy ? :D

and are all children just too much too handle ?