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Was Hitler an exterminationist?

PostPosted: Sat Sep 19, 2015 7:15 am
by disciplemate
Upon reading Mein Kampf I have twice gone over the aspects dealing with territorial expansion based on the growing needs of a race. The result of this ideology would lead to any particular smart and superior people group that is growing in size and needs to push out further and further. Would the German National Socialist have wanted to see the Germanic peoples grow and push out until even all the negroes would be kicked out of Africa assuming the Germans became so huge in number?
Now unfortunately because the Reich didnt last to allow Germanic people to become billions of people on the face of the earth, but if they did I would love to have seen what they would have done to the negroes and mongols on their own lands? Would they have just forced them back more and more until eventually there were non of them left? Hitler seemed merciless towards the other races in this pursuit for living space and I agree with the Fuhrer, the superior race must prosper over the inferiors according to nature whether that means their extinction or not.
I am just wondering too how this lines up with christian identity? I have heard that to be called an exterminationist is a bad thing even with CI so just wanting to find all this stuff out

Re: Was Hitler an exterminationist?

PostPosted: Sat Sep 19, 2015 7:25 am
by disciplemate
Now I know some people will just say or think that the landmass of Europe would be sufficent in land space but I am questioning what would have happened if say there were 10+ billion white people or Germans on earth? Surely the fertile areas of Africa and Asia would have been siezed by white people while the negroes and asians would be kicked into the undesirable lands?

Re: Was Hitler an exterminationist?

PostPosted: Sat Sep 19, 2015 8:03 am
by EzraLB
To speculate on such a situation where the German population expanded to 10+ billion is anti-Scriptural. The Book Of Revelations clearly tells us that the exact opposite will happen--that Israel, in the end times, will be reduced to a besieged remnant.

That said, the historical record shows that the National Socialists were willing to give up their overseas colonies in an effort to negotiate a peace with England and France. Had Germany not lost the war, I can't imagine that one of the consequences would have been that they would have started reproducing like Third World bacili. Generally, prosperity brings about lower birth rates.

Re: Was Hitler an exterminationist?

PostPosted: Sat Sep 19, 2015 8:04 am
by wmfinck
Wow, read the Germania by Tacitus. Hitler desired expansion eastward because historically, Germans have been pushed westward by Slavs and others for two thousand years. So with that can one better understand Hitler's policy in the east.

To be called an "exterminationist" is bad in CI? No, it is a label that the Kosher Clowns who have infiltrated CI give those of us who believe the Word of God.

Yahweh is an "exterminationist".

Re: Was Hitler an exterminationist?

PostPosted: Mon Sep 28, 2015 3:53 am
by disciplemate
Yeah thanks guys for the reply. Hitler had such a fascinating mind. I doubt if the reich survived they would have had space issues but I was only speculating based on their policy system need be such a case. Anyway thanks again.