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James Bacque interview "Other Losses"

PostPosted: Wed Apr 08, 2015 11:10 am
by Staropramen
While researching a book about the French resistance, Author James Bacque stumbled upon the evidence of the deaths of German prisoners in American and French death camps after WWII, this research later became his book "Other Losses" which details the accounts of German prisoners of war which otherwise would have been largely unknown. Over 1 million prisoners in Germany were casually exterminated in allied camps

Other losses sold over 200,000 copies worldwide along with his extraordinary work in writing other books such as Our Fathers War and Crimes and Mercies that have become best-sellers published around the world with over 260,000 copies sold.
Mr Bacques work has become threatened because the literary and historical establishment assisted by the government and police of Canada and the USA have made it impossible to reach readers through former publishers.

Re: James Bacque interview "Other Losses"

PostPosted: Mon Apr 20, 2015 5:16 am
by Gaius
I read "Crimes & Mercies" just after it came out. Well worth reading imho. The grossly murderous policies carried out against our Germanic brethren cry out to heaven. I personally see the current destruction of our nations as divine justice tbh. I wonder just when there will be a move towards national repentence for these crimes as well as the debaucheries and arrogancies that characterise mainstream attitudes therein. In nations so reduced these attitudes are pitiful and laughable, reminiscent of the famous Irish political satire "Gulliver's Travels" by Dean Swift.

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