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Les' Yarmulke-wearing Friend

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Les' Yarmulke-wearing Friend

Postby Les » Wed Nov 30, 2016 5:43 pm

I used the search engine for yarmulke and this seems as good a topic as any other.

For a few years , I was in contact with a metalhead / thrasher from the 1980s, from a semi-known underground band. It was pretty cool after discovering myspace around 10 years ago to find some people I had written letters to, or I had wanted to and never gotten around to it.

If you bought underground fanzines / mags, then you might have heard of the American band, but I will refrain from saying my contact's name or the band name.

Just want to say i am kind of freaked out / weirded out.
He had said when he grew up, his family was not religious, and he had become a Christian around the turn of the century maybe, guess in 1999? when many were panicking?

I found an interview / article with my friend .. kind of old; but it is New to me.
Especially since we have not contacted each other for many years.

It says one of his parents was Jewish. Maybe both. Have to find that piece again.
he neglected to tell me any of that. also, he is also married to a nipper and has had offspring.

I was sort of weirded out after I seen a a pic of him wearing a yarmulke (maybe was on fecebook) with him hunched over a book.
looked like a bunch of other sidelock yids at all the other tables too.
I should have asked him immediately.

I thought he just was part of that House of Yahweh / personality cult with Yisrayl Hawkins.
Yes, not the best place, but I received House of Yahweh literature in the early 1990s and it was mostly sound material, telling us how to obey YAHWEH'S LAWS

Just kind of bummed out. I learned this a few weeks ago, but it is really sinking in..

I know , I know...I can already guess many older types, seniors, if reading this will think "You are a dummy!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rock n roll was always jewish and nigger music!.. Don't listen to it!, don't make friends with anybody in that business".
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