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What jobs to have to make money for ends to meet?

PostPosted: Tue Jan 29, 2013 1:55 pm
by BrettDeason
I am currently searching for a new job. But, where? Where can we work?
No matter where I end up getting a job at, I will be working for Satan and his children.
Is there not a job that I am not aware of, where you are not working the enemy?
Please, post away in reply to this

Re: What jobs to have to make money for ends to meet?

PostPosted: Sun Feb 03, 2013 2:15 am
by GermanSaxon
Pray, put in applications of work you believe you are suited for and Yahweh will direct your steps.

I was unemployed in the 70's and put in a application for a local Department store for work I had experience. After much pray I went back several times and the last time I checked back for a job there was a line of maybe twenty five people ahead of me as the line continued to add people behind me. The girl at the desk window kept saying no job openings -then it was my turn "no job opening - wait -she get up and open the door to personal and yells come in and sit at this chair next to me" then continues to tell all the people behind me one at a time "no openings." Shortly after a women came up to me and said come with me you are hired- to me a Act of Yahweh. Job lasted for 18 years until Jews completely bought out and destroyed the business.

This happened a second time in the 90's when I put in a application for a good job because my present job was literally killing me. I was in the hospital ill when my wife received a call that I was hired if I passed a health test. The appointment was the next day at five Sharp! I had fallen in hospital when I was being X-rayed passing out while getting a test a few days earlier. Due to to fall in had twenty one specialist who had to sign off before I could leave to protect the hospital from law suits. That night twenty had signed off except one jewish female doctor who wasn't sure that I was well enough to be released from the hospital.

The next day morning turned to afternoon and still no sign off so thinking of Jericho I jumped out of my bed and started marching with my IV holder in hand around and around the station and the nurses got tired of seeing my mug and finely had her sign me off 15 minutes before five. We reached doctor at 5:15 and the office was empty, receptionist gone. Yelling hello -the doctor turned out to be in back of office and asked me to come on in, did the test and I was hired. Once again Yahweh led my steps.

Pray for guidance by Yahweh and He Will Guide You.


Re: What jobs to have to make money for ends to meet?

PostPosted: Tue Feb 05, 2013 5:40 pm
by BrettDeason
Thank you for your help. I do greatly appreciate it.

Yahweh Bless You and Keep You Safe.

Your Brother in Yahweh,
Brett Deason

Re: What jobs to have to make money for ends to meet?

PostPosted: Sun Feb 10, 2013 9:46 pm
by BrettDeason
I work in Marketing. I am a Merchandiser in Marketing. I am not a D2D Merchandiser, but, I work for a third party Merchandising Company. I work in 3 Wal Mart Stores and one Sam's Club Store for the Company. Those are my main stores where i work most of my Merchandising jobs. A D2D Merchandiser, is also known as a vendor by most people. An example of a vendor is the Coca Cola person who comes in and stocks their products or the Pepsi person who does the same for their products. As a Merchandiser for a third party Merchandiser Company, I represent different products for each job. We call them, our clients. For example, one of our main clients use to be Rayovac. I would go into my four stores and I would replenish the stock of all the Rayovac products and I would make sure that the products were placed where Rayovac payed for them to be placed and I would also check for out of stock products as well as missed pricing tags along with other things that the client would request be done by us Merchandisers. I work with all of the Managers who work at the four stores where I mainly work my Merchandising jobs. Marketing works by brands buying locations in stores for their products to be located. And, part of my job as a Merchandiser, is to make sure that the products are in the locations where they are suppose to be. I end up having to fuss at Managers, and when a person who does not work at a Wal Mart Store or a Sam's Club Store walks in and checks locations for products and ends up having to fuss at the Management who work at the stores, the Management Team fusses back. They don't appreciate it much when someone who doesn't work directly for their store comes in and does an inventory audit and has to end up telling them like it is.

I've been working as a Merchandiser in Marketing for two and a half years now, and I just want to see if I can change to a different Marketing job. Marketing is everywhere. Advertising is part of Marketing. Public Relations is part of Marketing. Sales is part of Marketing. I really don't want to work any Sales jobs, but, it is not my will, but, Yahweh's Will, which I choose to do. Human Resources is part of Marketing. I would not mind working in HR. I don't know about Advertising. And, PR doesn't seem to fit me. But, again, Yahweh is the only reason I have work in the first place, so it is up to Yahweh and Yahweh only.

We use what we like to call 'sell words' in Marketing. Words like 'buy one get one' or 'half off' or 'free' or something like that. One of the words that we use is 'christian'. We will call something like a book or a coffee mug christian, and people will buy it because they want to appear righteous to people, when they aren't, but they may think that they are. It is a psychological mental thing. Also, it is because they choose to worship and serve everything but Yahweh Eloheem. They choose to be selfish and to be worried about how they appear to others. They choose to worship the created, rather than Yahweh Eloheem. They choose to stay as far in Babylon as they choose to, with no thought or focus on Yahweh's Kingdom. And, I just can't stand working in Marketing, because it is the ultimate ruse that it is from the jews. But, again, it is not my will that I choose to do, but it is Yahweh's Will that I choose to do and I pray that Yahweh leads me in my every day life.

We also have a theory that if prices end in .99 rather than .00 then it is more attractive to the customer. In Marketing, we make products appear more attractive to customers then they really are, so that customers will buy the products. Customers are not going to buy products that are not attractive to them. Part of what we do in Marketing to make products appear more attractive to customers, is to straighten them up and build displays with produces which, again, make the appearance of the products more attractive to customers, so customers will buy more. Marketing is nothing more than a big ruse. We trick customers to buy things that they really don't need. There can be two of the exact same items, like garbage bags for example, and the package of one of the garbage bags will only have the words 'garbage bags' written on it in, with nothing else written on it. These products are known as generic brand or store brand. The name brand garbage bags will have detailed descriptions on the outside of the package and it will say more than just 'garbage bags' on it's packaging. The two products are the exact same thing made from the exact same way with the exact same materials. But, the name brand one just looks better than the generic one, because it is marketed better.

In the UK, they have the ASA over there, and the ASA in the UK, oversees how products are advertised. The ASA in the UK, goes by the CAP codes of how things need to be advertised over there in the UK and how things should not be advertised in the UK. We here in the USA do not have anything that over sees Advertising, nor Marketing over here. The best that people can do here in the USA is to complain to the Better Business Bureau. But, not every business is a member of the BBB.

I have typed a lot. Hopefully at least some of this will make some kind of sense.

Yahweh Bless All Brethren.

Yahweh's Will Be Done.

- Brett Deason

Re: More about Marketing

PostPosted: Mon Feb 11, 2013 8:39 am
by BrettDeason
Oh, and we in Marketing, we market to certain groups of people too. We have marketing for nigger customers. One example of that, is the ethnic section in some kind of beauty department (now that is funny, there is NO nigger beauty). We market towards people who are concerned with being a green environmentalist and who try to save mother earth. We market towards pet people. We market towards people who are concerned with MSG and other GMO food crap that is put in our food by the jews. We market towards vegetarians. We market towards people who are into jew movies and other jew crap. We market towards the conspiracy theory people. We market towards anything that we can call a holiday. And for Marketing, holidays include crap like the Super Bowl or any other crap like that. We market for different Seasons. Right now, we are marketing for the Spring Season, as well as the Summer Season. We market towards the DIY people. The list obviously could go on and on.

Like I have stated before, I do not like working in Marketing, because it is nothing but a huge ruse from the jews. And I am not one of Satan's kids. I am a child of Yahweh.

I honestly think, in my personal opinion, that Wickstrom is one of those people who focuses too much on all of what the jews are doing. The jews control everything. Instead of focusing on all the GMO crap and all the conspiracy crap, why not continue teaching and educating on more of Yahweh's Truth? I just don't get Wickstrom. People in Identity have told me that they think he is a jew, and I would not disagree with them. We market towards jews too. Anything that has 'kosher' on it, the jews buy. And, from what I have been told, by a friend of mine, who I have known for a long time now, he told me that Wickstrom told him to buy kosher foods to make sure that there were no GMO food crap in the food.

Yahweh's Will Be Done.

Yahweh Bless all Brethren and Punish all Brethren who do not Love Yahweh back.

- Brett Deason

Re: More on Wickstrom

PostPosted: Mon Feb 11, 2013 9:28 am
by BrettDeason
More about Wickstrom.

Yahshua Christ spoke about people who do not seek HIs Kingdom first.

Matthew 6:33 But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.

All of Matthew Chapter 6 is an excellent read of Yahshua Christ teaching this.

Yahweh's Will Be Done.

- Brett Deason

Re: What jobs to have to make money for ends to meet?

PostPosted: Mon Feb 11, 2013 1:47 pm
by NicoChristian
Thanks for telling some of the tricks of the trade. I suspected a lot of it, but it's good to have it confirmed from somebody who works there. Tell me, because we buy a lot of organic food, is it really GMO free, or is it just marketed as organic, but not really organic?

Re: More about Marketing

PostPosted: Tue Feb 12, 2013 4:02 pm
by BrettDeason
The best answer that I can give you on that, is to check what all of the additives and all of the other things that are put into the foods.

If you buy organic foods from the fruits and vegetables section of a grocery store, whether it be a Wal Mart or a Publix or a Food World or any kind of grocery store, the fruits and veges may be labeled as organic, but, without really knowing where they originated from, it is more than likely a Marketing trick. More and more stores are moving in that direction, where they have a section in their store which is their 'organic foods section' or 'gmo free section' or ' non gmo section' or something like that. I know that Publix is a big time grocery chain that loves doing that. Publix has an organic section in their produce department as well as when you go down the aisles of their stores, and you will see that they have certain parts of that aisle looking different than the rest of the aisle and that certain part has what Publix considers as their non gmo foods, or their organic foods. For example, in Publix you can walk down the aisle with the cereal in it, and there will be all the regular cereals, from all the regular brands, like Kellogs and so forth, on a regular shelf then as you walk further down that same cereal aisle, you will see part of that aisle that is different looking, where the cereal products are now not on a regular shelf, but are on some kind of weird looking shelf that looks different from the regular shelf, and that is where Publix puts the cereals that they consider gmo free or organic.

It is nothing more than jews competing with jews to see which jew gets the most money out of our Adamic Race. It is nothing more than Satan's Family doing all that they can to distract everyone in our Adamic Race from Yahweh's Gospel.

Really, when it comes to produce, you really have to know where it comes from. That is the only real way to be able to tell. If you grow it, or if a family member of yours grows it, or someone who is of our Adamic Race who knows how to grow produce, then, that is really the only safe route to go about making sure that you are not falling for a Marketing scheme.

Both GMO and non GMO are both Marketing schemes.

Both organic and non organic are both Marketing schemes.

And, trust me when I tell you that not everyone in Marketing realizes all of this. I am of the Adamic Race and I focus on Yahweh's Kingdom and Yahweh has opened my eyes and ears to His Truth. So, if you ask a whole bunch of people who work in Marketing a whole bunch of questions about Marketing, most of them will not have all of the answers, because they have never considered seeking the Truth. They just do like all of the rest of our lost Adamic Race, and they just go with the flow, without ever seeking Yahweh's Kingdom. And, when our Adamic Race never seeks Yahweh's Kingdom, then, they get tricked by Satan and his family.

Yahweh blessed His Children with a sound mind. Our sound mind helps us to comprehend things and understand things.

The jews take full advantage of people who do not have a complete understanding of certain things. For example, any kind of a repair person, who charges an arm and a leg for just coming to your home before they ever do any work, is something that all of us who are Yahweh's Children can do, according to our individual spiritual gifts which Yahweh blesses us with, but, if we have not learned how to repair something, or maintain something, or work on something, then, we end up getting taken advantage of by those tricky jews.

For example, people who do not understand how computers work and they may not understand anything about computer programming languages or anything about hardware nor software, then they can easily be taken advantage of by those tricky jews. The jews advertise for people to contact a person to fix their PC or something like that, when all we have to do is learn how to do it ourselves, and we can avoid being taken advantage of like that. We have a sound mind that Yahweh blessed us with, which helps us to make sense of things like how computers work along with other things.

And, again, the main ways that Marketing works, is that Companies, like Hefty or Tide or Ball Park, all compete against each other for their products to be placed in the stores. They pay the stores so much money for their products to be put in certain locations throughout the stores. Contracts are signed and business is done. The Companies tell the stores what kind of products each of their products are, like, if a product is for a swimming pool, or if a product is a type of house cleaner, or something like that. Then, the stores, put the products out in their store, where they can. If a store does not have a magazine section, for example, but, a Company wants their magazine products in this store, then, they work out the details of how many locations that the Company wants to pay for and then the store places the products where they want to place them. Contracts are basically being broken left and right all the time. But, jews don't care, just as long as they get all our money. And, like I have mentioned before, part of what we do as Merchandisers is to go in and to check and make sure that the products from the Company that we are representing, are located in the store where they need to be located, in order to produce the most sells for each product.

And, the people who work at these stores, they don't know anything about how Marketing works. Not even the Management staff. I've had to point out to members of Management, that one Company's product is in the location of where another Company's product is suppose to be located. And it was these same members of Management who I have to point these things out to, who put the wrong Company's product in the other Company's product location. And when I fuss at them about these things, they give me all of their cop out excuses like, "I just work here", or, "that is another person's job", or, "that is another department's job", or some sorry cop out excuse like that.

I do hope that this helps. Thanks for the question.

Sorry I wrote so much.

Yahweh Bless You and Keep you safe and protected.

Yahweh's Will Be Done.

- Brett Deason

Re: More about Marketing

PostPosted: Wed Feb 13, 2013 4:25 am
by BrettDeason
And, another thing, is that most people who work in Marketing, don't even realize that they are even working in Marketing at all. I've talked with people who have told me that they got a Bachelors Degree from The University of Alabama in Marketing and that all that they do is sell products. They think that sales is the only part of Marketing. I live in the Tuscaloosa, Alabama area by the way. The University is in Tuscaloosa. I've talked with people who are Merchandisers like I am, and they don't even realize that they are Merchandisers. They don't know that they are working in part of Marketing. That is part of how blind our Adamic Race of people are. They get taught that the 'normal' way of life, is to go to school and get an education and then go out and get a job. They take out loans to pay for College, because College costs so much, and then they spend the rest of their lives being a slave to the money hungry jews, paying them back for their student loans and then working as hard as they have to work in order to make ends meet and they are doing nothing but recycling the money around to the whole jew race of Satan and his offspring.

I've talked with Merchandisers who tell me that the job that they have is nothing but stocking their product. And, that is part of our job as Merchandisers, but, it is not all that is involved in our job. And, the people who I have talked to who tell me that they have worked in Marketing, because they have worked in sells, they tell me that to them, that is all Marketing is. Partially, that is true. Sales is one part of Marketing, but, again, not all of Marketing. I've had people tell me that they worked door to door sells and that that is Marketing to them. I've had people tell me that they have a Bachelors Degree in Marketing and all they do is sell products. In Business, no matter what kind of business, you are suppose to educate yourself on the business. These people who think that they know all that there is about Marketing, and they have only done things like door to door selling, or, they have a Bachelors Degree in Marketing, and so they now have a big head ego trip thinking that they know it all, they don't know anything about Marketing. I don't have a Bachelors Degree at all in anything, and I know more about Marketing than the people who have Bachelors Degrees in Marketing. It just sickens me. Anyways, sorry about that. I had to go off there.

It is this bad. I've been interviewed before for a position in Merchandising, where I would be over a territory of several parts of Alabama (the State where I live), and I explained what I would be doing in that position better to the person who interviewed me for the position. It blew his mind. I did not get the job, because I came off as a jack ass know it all, but, that is beside the point, in my personal opinion. He didn't hire me for the position, probably because he got all intimidated just because I knew more about Merchandising then he did. And, if I were hiring Merchandisers who would be covering a large territory of the State, then, I would want somebody who knows a lot about Merchandising. Sounds like the right person for the job, to me.

Anyways. Hope all of that helps.

Yahweh Bless all my Adamic Brothers and Sisters.

Yahweh's Will Be Done.

- Brett Deason

Re: More about Marketing and Social Engineering

PostPosted: Wed Feb 13, 2013 4:35 am
by BrettDeason
Marketing tricks are even done when jobs are advertised, whenever a job position is open. Whenever an open position for any job is available, they way that the job is described, is, really, a tricky deception, in my opinion. A job can easily be described as fun and entertaining. When, in reality, it sucks.

The jews use a lot of Social Engineering. In Marketing, that is pretty much all we do, is a lot of tricky deception. is an excellent site, in my opinion, on the subject of Social Engineering. Social Engineering is such a broad topic, it covers just about everything in everyday life. The jews use it all the time for tricking people for anything and everything.

Wikipedia has an awful definition and an awful description of Social Engineering.

Yahweh Bless.

- Brett Deason