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Hidden History.The Origins of WW1

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Hidden History.The Origins of WW1

Postby mchawe » Sun May 08, 2016 8:53 am

This book is about the origins of the First World War. It is written by Gerry Docherty and Jim Macgregor and published by "Mainstream Publishing". It filled in a gap of history that I only guessed at. The book attempts to unravel the web of deceit around this subject and admits in the introduction that it draws upon the work of Caroll Quigley, although each chapter has numerous citations from other sources. For me it connects the dots and fills in gaps that I only guessed at before reading it. It is an important book that is well worth reading because it effectively traces the real Power behind the British Establishment into WW1.
Basically the story revolves around what the writers call the "Secret Elite" in England who took huge pains to cover their tracks. This consisted of 5 men initially. They were, Nathaniel Rothschild, Alfred Milner, William (W.T.) Stead, Reginald Balliol Brett better known as Lord Esher, and Cecil Rhodes. According to the book the first meeting was held in London in 1891. The goal of the group was an Anglo Saxon world Government, and it was Cecil Rhodes that funded it.
Cecil Rhodes, financed by Rothschild, became hugely wealthy by acquiring monopoly interests in gold and diamonds. The Boers, not wanting to be ruled by the British in Cape Colony, had already trekked inland and formed their own states, Transvaal and Orange Free State in the 1830's and 40's. (The Boers knew they were true Israelites and governed themselves under Christian Principles. It may be that those States were also founded on Christian principles. “Some 438 Trekkers made a Covenant with God, that they would give the glory of the victory to Him." The Battle of Blood River. Their misfortune was that their States occupied land that had tremendous wealth in gold and diamonds which was coveted by the Rothschilds. By 1877 Rhodes had acquired huge wealth from his predatory activities. In 1889 he succeeded in forming British South Africa Company by Royal Charter. This enabled it to form banks, create a private police force and an army which it did under Dr. Leander Starr Jameson. Rhodes got himself elected to the South African legislature of Cape Colony from where he was able to further his power and in 1890 became Prime Minister.
His ambition was to build a railway from "Cape to Cairo" to consolidate Anglo-Saxon hegemony in Africa. By the 1890s the Boer Republics were a problem for Rhodes' ambitions. They had political control over the mines, so Rhodes manufactured an uprising by "Uitlanders" meaning non-Boers who were chasing after the mineral wealth. Jameson instigated by Rhodes, then sent his army across the border to support the uprising. The highly popular President of the Boer Republics, Paul Kruger was ready for him and Jameson was surrounded in short order. That was the First Boer War. However back in England, a propaganda campaign started up not only to malign the Boers but also the Kaiser. The German Kaiser Wilhelm had sent a telegram to Kruger in 1896 congratulating him on his success in preserving the independence of the republic. This was deliberately misinterpreted by the British press as “interference.” Too late, the Kaiser had to write to his grandmother Queen Victoria to claim that the telegram was "never intended as any step against England or your Government".
Rhodes' failure and the fact he was now an embarrassment in South Africa, resulted in "the secret elite" using their contacts in the British establishment to get Alfred Milner appointed as Commissioner for South Africa in 1897. He had already been in contact with Rhodes through intermediaries. Milner turned out to be ruthless. 400,000 British troops went to South Africa and they defeated (at great cost) a very efficient fighting force of 40,000 Boers. 32,000 women and children died of starvation in concentration camps, and Boer farms and crops were burnt. The total Boer population was only 280,000.
When news got out to the rest of the world and Britain, there was outrage and England was isolated and unpopular everywhere. Milner got what he wanted. The mines and the Transvaal and the OFS were now under British, meaning Rothschild, rule. After overseeing the reconstruction of South Africa after the total destruction of the war, Milner returned to England in 1905 where he exerted the influence right through the Establishment.
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(There is a chart here illustrating this, that I wanted to insert as an image. It won't do it! I also wanted to insert a photo of Milner showing somewhat Jewish features and it won't do that either.)

Milner operated behind the scenes. In South Africa he had already started a process of grooming young Oxford graduates starting with what became known as the Roberts Military Academy to see things the way of Cecil Rhodes’ will which was Anglo Saxon domination of the world. These men got positions in important strategic places within the British Establishment and rose quickly to the top. Rhodes’ Will had the following trustees, Nathaniel Rothschild and Lord Rosebery (who married at the age of 31, the 27-year-old Hannah de Rothschild (1851–1890), only child and sole heiress of Mayer Amschel de Rothschild), Alfred Beit an obvious Jew, Alfred Milner likely a crypto-Jew, Leander Starr Jameson and Earl Grey (possibly from a family of freemasons and later Governor General of Canada). How can anyone believe that Jewish trustees would be interested in Anglo Saxon hegemony ?! (Alfred Milner came from Hesse in Germany and does he look like he came from Saxon stock?)
I think this is an important book because it becomes easy now to connect the dots. Rhodes’ Will talks about Anglo-Saxon world domination. However with the involvement of all these Jews, it is obvious that it was a way for them to piggy back to achieve their own world domination. The British monarchy were active warmongers. Edward VII and George V were far from being just figureheads. We see first of all the originally anti-Semitic Queen Victoria (when married to Albert) gradually getting seduced. The Rothschilds “lent” her the money to purchase the Sandringham and Balmoral Estates, and Disraeli was able to enter her (lonely after the death of Albert) psyche by flattery while destroying any European entente that would guarantee long term peace and boasting to her about it. She had no trust in her son Edward VII (“Bertie”) whom she did not allow to see State documents. While he waited for her to die, he lived a life of philandery, gambling and excess. The Rothschilds cut through the stiff upper lip of Victorian society and he felt relaxed in their presence. Several times Nathaniel Rothschild covered his gambling debts. He preferred the company of Jews, particularly Rothschilds, to his own people. Once he came to the throne, he became intimately involved with the “secret elite” particularly Nathaniel Rothschild and Lord Esher. Britain, after the second Boer War was universally disliked and Edward VII set about correcting this while isolating Germany. While Britain was supreme she could afford to be isolated, but Germany was now being looked on as a threat. Germany was producing better goods at cheaper prices after unification and “had to be destroyed”. (Why were the Rothschilds so keen on destroying Germany? It could be as simple as insults received during their Frankfurt days, or rejection by beautiful Aryan women. Jews always go over the top with their revenge.) To isolate Germany, assistance was needed. The first step was the Anglo Japanese treaty of 1902 and then the wooing of France and Russia commenced. These were old adversaries and Edward VII became the diplomatic champion of the “secret elite”. He was a frequent visitor to France, staying in the Alfred de Rothschild mansion in Paris, and while under cover of living the good life, (like visiting Parisian brothels...his personal coat of arms was above the bed of one of the exclusive rooms of “La Chabanais”..) he worked actively behind the scenes. Within 6 years he had enticed both France and Russia into secret alliances with Britain. Russia was handled in a two-faced manner. On the one hand huge profits were made financing and supplying armaments to the Japanese for use against Russia, and on the other hand the British press was used to placate Russia, particularly after the Dogger Bank incident where the Russian Navy fired on British fishing boats. In 1908 Edward VII and Tsar Nicholas met in their yachts off Reval (now Talinn in Estonia) surrounded by war ships of both countries. The Tsar was accompanied by Stolypin his Prime Minister and his Foreign Minister Isvolsky (already a Rothschild paid agent and kept in place when nearly fired due to his unauthorised activities in the Balkans, by letters from Edward to his cousin the Tsar). Edward VII was accompanied only by inspector general of the Army General Sir John French, Admiral Jacky Fisher First Sea Lord and diplomat Sir Charles Hardinge, basically a subcommittee of the cabal. Yet Edward had meetings directly with Stolypin. He acted in the capacity of Foreign Secretary. Hardly a figurehead ! The whole thing was a planning for future war against Germany. The Tsar was invited back to Britain the next year and the British fleet was displayed in 3 parallel lines in an awesome display running for miles. It was an impressive show of power. If Russia did not have a navy to defeat Germany, her new friend, Britain did. Edward VII died in 1910, succeeded by George V. In 1912, Sazonof, Isvolsky’s successor got invited to Balmoral by the King where he was feted for a week in the company of Sir Edward Grey the British Foreign Minister. (Grey was a particular warmonger and liar, and more than a chapter is devoted to him, the main one entitled, “the Speech that cost a million dead.”) In a telegram sent to Tsar, Sazonof said that an agreement existed between Britain and France whereby Britain would come to the assistance of France both on sea and land in the event of war with Germany. “The King touched on the same question and expressed himself even more strongly than his minister....He said, ‘ We shall sink every single German merchant ship we shall get hold of.’”
I found the book very well written and concise, and thus it is very difficult to make a short resume of it. Basically it needs to be read in its entirety, but there are some salient facts.
There is a quote which is very revealing by Dorothy Pinto who married into the Rothschild family. “As a child I thought Lord Rothschild lived at the Foreign Office because from my classroom window I used to watch his carriage standing outside every afternoon-while of course he was closeted with Arthur Balfour.” It means that Rothschild although operating behind the curtain was in reality “hands on”. (This is reminiscent to me of the book “Spycatcher” (which Thatcher tried to ban) by Peter Wright which talked about Victor forwarding to the 1970’s... walking in and out of MI5 as if he owned the place and then going down to Checkers to talk to Edward Heath for the week end. Meanwhile you had those ridiculous spy novels written by John le Carre whose themes were about hunting for “moles” in MI5!) It was Alfred Milner, a member of the British War Cabinet who was real instigator of the “Balfour Declaration” in 1917.
The Kaiser went to great lengths to avoid war, but he was duped and thwarted by these so-called Englishmen whom he trusted. For example Haldane (one of “the Relugas Three” of Grey, Haldane and Asquith) pretended to the Kaiser that Britain would always be neutral, such neutrality conditional upon the appraisal of the German naval programme. The Germans trusted him when he told them, “We have no secret treaties.” ...and gave him a whole lot of information about their own naval programme while getting nothing from Haldane in return. The Kaiser did not heed Bismark's warnings and naively trusted the British Monarchy and Establishment.
The Press. One of the original members of the “secret elite” , Stead, resigned in disgust. He was a popular journalist and editor. That did not matter. They got Harmsworth who later became Lord Northcliffe to run the “Times” newspaper. In those days of early democracy, the common people did not matter. The “Times” was only read by people of influence, and Northcliffe was rabidly anti-German. Anti-Germanism was the theme in the decade or so before 1914.
The British had no casus belli. The French had Alsace Loraine and the Russians had Serbia/Balkans (manufactured ) and the Baltic and Black Sea. The British had nothing. The cause of Britain entering the war was Belgium. The warmongers had plotted with Belgium warmongers for years prior to 1914 to entrap Germany into abusing Belgian neutrality.
The “secret elite” took great pains to cover their tracks, which is why it is so difficult to piece together the history of the real cause of WW1. After the War, Herbert Hoover was entrusted with the removal and destruction of any documents that could be incriminating. He employed 1000 agents masquerading as scholars to go all around Europe to collect documents. He was already a trusted Rothschild agent having enriched the Rothschilds by his nefarious and unpopular activities in Australian mining. His cover was food relief (he was head of the “US Food administration” created under the Lever Control Act of 1917 and head of the Commission for Relief in Belgium) and the “Hoover War Collection” at Stanford University. He boasted that the collection of documents was easy. The “People were hungry !” Any document that showed the activities of the instigators of WW1 was destroyed
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Re: Hidden History.The Origins of WW1

Postby bahr » Sun May 08, 2016 10:20 am

Thank you mchawe. Very interesting!
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