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Always asked about books

For members who wish to post useful reviews of books or other references which they have read.

Always asked about books

Postby wmfinck » Wed Jul 29, 2015 12:12 pm

Hello David!

The edition of Josephus in one volume translated by Whiston and published by Hendrickson is available here for cheap: ... 0913573868

I think this is most sufficient because although Whiston was stricken with the same Judaean/Jew confusion that has pestered every European scholar from the 2nd century, it is the least biased by modern zionist Jewish thinking.

I have it also in Bible Works software, in English and Greek, but the version they included for Whiston's English has quite a few typographical errors, probably from the scanning & OCR process.

This is online for free also, in the Christian Classics Ethereal Library. The links are at the bottom of the Wikipedia page for Josephus.

For all the other Classics, of course I have some favorites, such as Robert Fitgerald's Iliad and Odyssey, and even his Aeneid. George Rawlinson's Herodotus. Thomas Hobbes is the most fanous translation of Thucydides.

However the Loeb Classical Library editions are the ones I would recommend first, not because they are always the most readable, but because they are almost always very scholarly and are accompanied by the original language along with information abut the manuscripts from which they came.

Most of the Classics I cite in my writing are from the Loeb Classical Library. But because I do not have the LCL edition of Josephus, I cannot comment upon it. LCL editions are often expensive, nearly $25 per volume, and most are multi-volume sets. I currently own perhaps 80 of them, and over 500 are available.

I hope this helps,

David B... wrote:> Dear Bill.
> I received this note from a Minister in the USA to whom I have been witnessing to with the identity message.
> Could you give some advise on which copies should be obtained.
> I personally a copy have the 1890 Complete Works Translated by William Whiston A.M.
> God Bless.
> David B...
> Dear David,
> Thank you for your prayers and emails. I will respond with more questions and thoughts soon, but for now I have one quick question...
> For quite some time, I have been planning to obtain copies of Josephus' works, the apocryphal books, and other historic works you frequently cite. There are many different editions/versions of these, including revisions and so forth, that in all honesty I have no clue which publication of each I should purchase. Would you give me suggestions on specific publication years, publishers, etc based on your own experience? Or, if you don't mind, sending me links to them if you find them online would be even better (although it may require a bit more work on your part).
> Would you also tell me why you feel those editions of each work are superior to others?
> Thanks so much,Stephen

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Re: Always asked about books

Postby brucebohn » Tue Aug 04, 2015 8:24 pm

Thanks Bill. Just received Josephus and waiting on several others.
Nearly 1000 pages, small print, but copy is hardback, like new condition....
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Re: Always asked about books

Postby worms » Sat Sep 05, 2015 5:43 pm

Thanks for posting this. Will definitely check it out.
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