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Book Burning Nazi

For members who wish to post useful reviews of books or other references which they have read.

Book Burning Nazi

Postby HeiligeSchriftLeser » Sun Nov 16, 2014 9:05 am Before. After.

{hope pic links work !!}

Hi all,

Don't wanna sound a Nazi-Book-Burner.....but,...!!

These were some of the books I'd bought over the years, not really gotten around to reading much of them But seeing as many were by chuck jewish missler,barnhouse,martin and assorted other cartoonish kabbala authors,...etc,....who NONE EVER bother mentioning "jews" at all, but for saying they are God's Chosen....

I finally got around to cleansing my home of this....demonic sewage today.
2 minutes with a carving knife !!!! Don't have anywhere I coulda burned them..!

QUITE abit of money down the tubes for me,....but you live & learn.

Woulda sold 'em all back out there.....but, how could I guarantee ONLY NIGGERS & other ethnic pagans would be the ONLY ones to buy such wastes of time?. I couldn't.

So I've done the right thing here. lol

Anyone else have any tales like this of House Cleansing !? Feeling refreshed already. heh!
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Re: Book Burning Nazi

Postby NicoChristian » Sun Nov 16, 2014 4:20 pm

We're going to have to start a thread called, what Jewish trash I burned today. I burned a copy of Anne Frank's diary when I was 14, trashed some filthy videos a few years back, destroyed some CDs couple of years ago. I try to destroy as much rubbish as I can, when I get a wood burner any Jewish books I get will go there.
YHWH bless.
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Re: Book Burning Nazi

Postby HeiligeSchriftLeser » Wed Nov 26, 2014 8:50 am

It was a long time coming for me.

If only they didn't seduce with 1 lie hidden between 2 Truths.

But, basically, short,...if an Author hasn't got the moxy to call out jews for what THEY simply ARE... Then ya know ya gonna be going on a costly Merry-go-round of false avenues.Rabbit holes.

Greatest tool they got going for them...{as any con man or "magician" has} is OUR ignorance & fear of asking questions & calling a spade a spade.

Demonic possession CAN sort of be summed up as purely "influence" over your day,in some cases.....Dosn't have to be "head spinning & spewing pea soup" at people. Can just be a "cool album" that takes your mind away from...hard work of being humbled and loving thy neighbors,etc.
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