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the sickness unto death by soren kierkegaard

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the sickness unto death by soren kierkegaard

Postby Filidh » Mon Feb 24, 2014 6:57 pm

i know many in here aren't fans of most of the philosophers, however, kierkegaard himself was basically the anti-nietzsche and had some good stuff to say.

the book "the sickness unto death" was written during the time when all of europe was being enraptured by various philosophies, most of which had at least a majority of false-teaching, the rest of which were entirely filled with false-teachings. (the social contract by rousseau being exhibit a here). so, an anointed philosopher was a rare sight indeed during this time.

also, kierkegaard, like many philosophers, takes an entire book to write what is able to be written using only a few pages.

all of this being said, it's still a good read because it gives man some ammunition for debates with intellectual-types.

the spirit of the book is that despair grows as man's distance from god grows, and that most folks, who live a life based on society's teachings rather than god's, are raised to be alienated from him and thus in despair for their entire life, with the result that they flock to anything and everything that seems to cure their despair, but being that only thru being firmly grounded in god is true happiness achieved, that which they do flock to only masks their despair with temporal false-cures that are in actuality despairs themselves.

he further extends this by saying that since god made us, us being the soul which is held in the bodyvessel which he also made, we are only a true 'self' when the societal-spirit withwhich most of us are raised is destroyed and we become a living-embodiment of his holyspirit, and that by extension, most folks of the society are unable to make any claim to be a 'self' to begin with, and that concludingly we only become a true 'self' by being firmly grounded in god and his word.

it's a really good read, and i'd encourage others here to read it. the only other book of his i've read is 'fear and trembling', which is also quite good.
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