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Khazaria And The Birth Of The Papacy

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Khazaria And The Birth Of The Papacy

Postby martin41 » Thu Jan 16, 2014 1:01 pm

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Re: Khazaria And The Birth Of The Papacy

Postby wmfinck » Sun Mar 23, 2014 11:20 am

This video is the perfect example of the pagan propensity to mix truth with lies for the purpose of anti-Christian propaganda.

First, Leo IV was a half Khazar because his mother was a Khazar. But she may have been White, and was not necessarily a Khazarian jew. In fact, her marriage to a Christian emperor indicates that she was most likely not a jewess at all. At that time there was still a difference, as there were still pagans, Christians, jews, and muslims in Khazaria. And the preponderance of the Khazarian aristocracy was, by all historical accounts, White. It was only from that very period, the 8th century, that Khazarian aristocrats and commoners alike began converting to judaism and intermarrying with jews.

Second, Carl, as the video refers to Charlemagne, did not abandon paganism, which is what the video seems to infer. Neither did he abandon the faith of his kinsmen at all. His father was Pepin the Short, a Christian who was friendly to the bishop of Rome. His grandfather was also a Christian, Charles Martel, who defended France from the muslim invasions and who reconciled the Christian Franks with the papacy, although he refused any official designations offered him by the pope.

Charles Martel had already been warring with the Saxons. There was also - for at least a century - missionary activity among the Saxons from the Keltic Christians in Britain and Gaul, which is documented in Bede, before Charlemagne finally forced their conversion. The forced conversion of the Saxons to Christianity by Charlemagne was a defensive strategy as much as it was a Christian missionary activity.

There were Christians in northwest Europe long before Rome even accepted Christianity, and many of them were independent of Rome until the 13th century! There was a papacy in Rome and the bishop of Rome was quite influential throughout the West for over 200 years before Leo the Khazar became emperor in Constantinople.

There were Germanic tribes of the Goths and Alans who accepted Christianity over a hundred years before Rome did, and long before Khazaria arose as a world power.

For these and other reasons, the video is just plain bullshit. Pagans, who frequently get most of what they learn from comic books and television cartoons, are prone to over-simplifying history even in their best efforts.

Yes, jews eventually infiltrated the Roman Catholic Church and turned it into something evil. But Christianity cannot be blamed for those later men who could not uphold its basic principles.

(In case the Youtube video disappears, I have saved a copy here: ... ingdom.mp4)
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