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'Warriors' of Communism

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'Warriors' of Communism

Postby NicoChristian » Tue May 10, 2016 3:40 pm

History has shown us how well the Communists can fight; not well at all. They are a bunch of idealistic hypocrites who got repeatedly hammered by the Nationalist forces many times. I want to relive some of the moments when the Reds thought that they could be soldiers, but ended up getting slaughtered.

One of the first examples that comes to mind is the Finnish civil war 1918. When the Communists came to power in Russia, Finland amongst other countries gained independence. Soon after the Communists tried to come to power. They organized mass terror campaigns against the White forces in Finland as did the Whites against Red forces. After two small battles the Communists were easily defeated, they decided that they could take on the Finnish military along with German forces. The Reds were wrong; they got hammered. Marxism often isn't the most inspirational battle cry.

The German revolution 1918 and ownwards. Following WW1 Communist agitators continuously attempted to set up Marxist republics in different areas of Germany. The Freikorps had other ideas and swiftly destroyed any of their pathetic attempts to establish a satanic government. Once again we see that Commies are not very good at fighting.

Polish-Soviet war 1920. Trotsky consumed by his Jewish arrogance wanted to spread Communism towards the West. The Poles wanted freedom. They courageously destroyed the Soviet hoard and sent them packing eastwards. The Soviets retreated so quickly they outran the Poles.

The Spanish civil war 1936-1939. The Republicans decided to establish a disgusting Marxist tyranny over Spain. General Franco would have none of it and made a mockery of Red forces. One of the most pathetic Republican forces was the International Brigade consisting of idealistic Socialists from around the world, but hardened soldiers they were not. Libtards like George Orwell and Hemingway decided to show up, only for Franco to teach them that a civilian with a rifle is not a soldier. These cretins got what they deserved and all their effort was for nothing. Franco defeated the Republicans, but sadly his regime ended with his death in 1975.

The Winter war. Stalin decided that he would attack Finland for no reason. Despite the Baltic countries falling to Stalin Finland would not follow suit. The Reds launched a savage attack on Finland, but failed to push west. Soviet losses were between 50,000 and 167,000, Finnish losses around 25,000. Despite Finland negotiating a peace, the Soviets failed to capture Finland and sustained heavy losses. Hardly a victory. Nationalism clearly drove the Finns to victory. Communism did nothing for the Reds, other than get them massacred.

German Soviet war 1941-1945. Was this a Soviet victory? Hardly, the Soviets lost more than 20 million people, the Germans around 3-5 million on both fronts. How is that a victory? Sending men to die to protect a ruthless dictator was the only way they won. Thousands of Russians joined the German Army and Soviets were forced to march or be shot by Jewish political officers. Stalin even allowed prayer and religion because morale was so low. Goes to show how useless Marxism is in times of crisis.

Soviet-Afghan war 1979-1989. The only reason the Soviets didn't get utterly massacred was because they were fighting a rag tag bunch of towelheads. Regardless their equalistic ideology was wasted and sure as hell didn't appeal to the Pashtun masses, despite them being poor as hell.

Above were a few examples of Communist incompetance on the battlefield. Marxism is not a battlecry, who wants to die for the cause of atheism, equality and above all the Jew. The Commies tried to motivate the young to sacrifice themselves for the so-called glory of the far-left, no thanks. Only patriotism, nationalism and above all love of Yahweh can truly inspire a battlecry. The American revolutionaries said no King, but King Yahshua.

Feel free to add to this list of Red failure. Although the Reds are happy to administer violence to helpless civilians; when it comes to a real war against a true patriotic army, they're doomed. You may think that the government forces are invincible, they are not. They bleed like you bleed and they only fight as long as they are paid and the victories are easy. As soon as the hardship approaches they'll crumble. Hitler's men fought all the way to the end because they were fighting for their country and their race against the legions of satan. That's what motivates me to fight and their example should be for us to fulfill. Stay strong and never surrender.
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Re: 'Warriors' of Communism

Postby Teutonic » Tue May 10, 2016 5:35 pm

The Nazi-Soviet war is an excellent example of Communist ineptitude in combat.

Of course, "historians" write the history books on the assumption that the Soviets defeated Germany in WWII- as if the whole debacle occured within a vacuum.

But as Nico already pointed out, Soviet losses were staggering compared to German losses. Not to mention that their war effort would have ground to a halt if it weren't for the other Allies helping them limp through the war with arms and supplies- that being said, it can be certain that Moscow would have been easily captured had Germany been able to concentrate all her forces on the Eastern Front. Russia had the advantage of only having to fight on one front.

Also, the quality of Soviet arms, equipment and training was laughable compared to their German counterparts. Yet this is without suprise since Communism has nothing at all to do with quality, but quantity...probably why non-whites find it so appealing.
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