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Localism, The Only Way

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Localism, The Only Way

Postby Phineas335 » Thu May 28, 2015 11:45 pm

Short article I wrote a few years back.

A guide to the serious Patriot

of the

Cause of White Christendom

Author's note

This tract may be freely distributed to any true Patriot


The following is the product of over 150 years of chasing rabbit holes. 

As a collective whole we have failed.  Not only ourselves but the very God and Race we have sworn to serve. We continuously yoke ourselves within the "White Nationalist" movement which has done nothing whatsoever for our people. If anything it has further endangered us and tied the noose the enemy has around our necks.

If we are to ever truly fight for the cause we can never do it on a national level. 

We musnt be overly optimistic nor should we be the pessemist we have become in our seemingly hopeless situation. It is with this in mind the writer through the will of our Father in Heaven the one true God of Israel wishes to present the patriot a practical means of activism that will bring about change in his community for his posterity.


Localism describes a range of political philosophies which prioritize the local. Generally, localism supports local production and consumption of goods, local control of government, and promotion of local history, local culture and local identity. Localism can be contrasted with regionalismand centralized government, with its opposite being found in the unitary state.

In a nutshell localism is the belief that those within the community can govern themselves based upon the bible and the regional social and historic traditions.

This type of thought was more infamously seen in the American South during the "civil rights" era. The people of the Southron states wished for policy based upon the traditions of their region. This is not to say that Localism is the belief in state's rights. Quite the contrary. While the Localist or Tribalist sympathizes with the intentions of these folks he sees even their mentality of rulership being "too big for their britches" so to speak. 

The Localist sees the culture and diverse customs of his community to be far broader and diverse than just his "state".

He understands that a state is even too big to define his culture and heritage. He understands that his culture can only be defined by his community customs and heritage and thus he sees no need in some state creating policy or proclaiming to hold some sort of merit of leadership over him. He wishes for a small "g" government within his local region under the Laws of God. With a community of elders, priests, and judges of Christian moral character. An Anarcho-Theocracy if you will.

This type of government is scriptual and has worked in the past. It is the only form of government that will work and be blessed.

The problem is instating such a government within your community.

How can it be done in today's society and the current stranglehold of tyranny we live under? 

The following is a guide to implement such a structure under the radar and to make it thrive.

Stay Invisible

In the reconstruction era the Empire was a force to be reckoned with. Not because it had superior ammunition or overpowered the enemy with its numbers but that it was Invisible. If you live in a town or area that is not necassarily "awake" you need to stay as covert as possible.  Now in the case you're known as the town's crazy nutball racist this might seem difficult.  Hardly, the vast majority are not watching your actions they're too focused on "you're the racist" most would never expect you to do any actual action.

Start a small cell of TRUSTED men to help you with your activities.  Start a bible study/in-house church group. Make up flyers to pass around town during the night. Anything you can to get the message out but still stay under the radar. 

You'll find the majority of people will sympathize with what you have to say. Even if behind closed doors. These people usually do not come right out and admit these things out of fear of their standing within the community.  

Recruiting-The effects of propoganda

When recruiting for your cell or even your in-home bible study group you must always separate the tares from the wheat so to speak. Most within your bible study group will also be members of the cell. Thus, you must recruit both in the same manner until your cell is firmly established and "out of harm's way". You are not always going to have Identity Christians join your bible study. You may not even have Christians join. Perhaps they're unsure and wanting to have Christ come into their life. Either case is irrelevant to the point but needs to be stated. These people MUST be people you trust and can keep their mouths shut. Let's face facts. JOG is always looking for a gathering place of CI adherents to take down and frame the membership. As stated above "be Invisible"!

You must also take into consideration the character of the individual. What are his hangups? What's his strongsuits? What type of personality does he have? Who does he associate with? All of these things must be taken into account.  Remember and engrave the mantra in your brain "quality over quantity".

The effects of your propoganda within your ecclesia and the community at large will be subtle yet apparent. The bible student will more than likely have an open mind and begin to understand the truths of scripture and Christian government. 

The public will at first will fight against it. Expect to see numerous reports in the local paper about your weekend flyer-drops.

However, they will eventually begin to become comfortable with your literature.  They will start researching and examining the evidence you present and eventually their eyes will be open and will begin to change their actions. 

The End Goal

The goal is to awaken the spirit of racial Christian awareness and freedom within your community. It will bring about a revolution of the collective mind of the region.  They will begin to think of things through a Christian Racial perspective and acknowledge that noone should rule over them other than their King in Heaven.

Thus, will develop the "just say no" mentality.  They will no longer bow to the "king's court of unrighteousness" and his Luciferian decrees. He will want and crave the government which our God has ordained we have. 

His new found hunger and thirst for righteousness will then bring about action. He WILL do what he can to instate this organic form of government. Whether he does it with you or even knows of you is irrelevant. 

You have planted the seed our God tended it and made it grow.

He will spread this message and like a dominoe effect the majority will come to this spiritual awakening. There will be few who still scoff at such notions of Christian government and morality and racial separatism. But, by then it will be too late.

The Mob Rules
If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.
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Re: Localism, The Only Way

Postby NicoChristian » Thu Jun 04, 2015 5:41 pm

I agree with all the above. A lot of what you wrote is what I've been trying to achieve myself. Yahweh willing one day it will materialize.
YHWH bless.
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