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Military, hunting, tactical, security and firearm world

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Military, hunting, tactical, security and firearm world

Postby NicoChristian » Tue Feb 19, 2013 1:03 pm

It seems to me that the military, tactical, security, hunting and firearm world is mostly dominated by people who lean more to the right than to the liberal left. I can only speak for my own experience, but when I was in the security world I'd say it was about 50 50, hunting mostly right-wing, military more right than liberal and for the most part these kind of places seem to be more dominated by people who share some if not most of our views. I admit to meeting lots of brainwashed liberals in these places as well, seems they want to infiltrate everywhere, but that's Europe and I'd say America is much more right-wing than Europe.

The point is that I think it's good for us to get involved in these kind of things, firstly for our own personal physical development and to meet like-minded people to spread our message too. Your average hunter/shooter probably likes Obama about as much as we do. If he were to learn that there's much more to it than Obama wants our guns, but a more satanic reason, he'd be more likely to listen than a brainwashed liberal idiot.

I think we need to spend our time recruiting, spreading the message and looking for the right places to spread our message. I welcome your comeback.
YHWH bless.
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