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Belgian Congo: Did 10 Million Really Die?

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Belgian Congo: Did 10 Million Really Die?

Postby EzraLB » Mon Aug 01, 2016 8:56 am

As court historians would have us believe, the evil White Belgians, motivated by their greed and and hatred of the black race, systematically murdered 10 million innocent africans during a brief period of their colonial rule of the Belgian Congo.

This skewed version of history was most recently promoted by social historian, Adam Hochschild, a radical leftist professor at U.C. Berkley in his book, King Leopold's Ghost (1998). I cannot ascertain as to whether or not Hochschild is himself a jew, but his long career as a social radical clearly has the kosher stamp of approval, given all his awards and successful publishing career.

Like the flimsy Holohoax narrative, the "genocide" in the Congo has just has many problems, including the fact that there were not anywhere near 10 million africans under Belgian control in the Congo. Nor were there enough White Belgians in the Congo to perpetuate such a mass kill-off.

Here's an interesting revisionist analysis of the alleged "genocide" and how the myth was promoted beyond all common sense. But then again, when have the jews ever let facts get in the way of something that clearly serves their own interests? ... ree-state/
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Re: Belgian Congo: Did 10 Million Really Die?

Postby Teutonic » Mon Aug 01, 2016 10:07 am

Is 10 million the new '6 million?'
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Re: Belgian Congo: Did 10 Million Really Die?

Postby Gaius » Mon Aug 01, 2016 10:58 am

Interesting indeed, Ezra, and worthwhile reading.
Statistical analysis vs. shrieking, eye-rolling, arm-waving emotionalism.

The fact that the political activist Hochschild spat out “10 million” reveals the unseriousness of his work. If you recognize that 10 million is obviously bogus, why would you depend on the authority of the guy who said “10 million were killed” to say 1 million were killed?

People wringing their hands over the likes of Hochschild's "histories" need to seriously consider that they are being made fools of. Including for example materials from the bbc blandly stating that records were destroyed by King Leopold without any evidence whatsoever, as this writer notes ...
It is refreshing to see serious academic challenges being mounted against pseudo intellectual works of mendacious and malevolent propaganda, a trend that I believe will accelerate ...
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Re: Belgian Congo: Did 10 Million Really Die?

Postby Joe » Mon Aug 01, 2016 11:42 pm

"We have the evidence, it just doesn't exist anymore"
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