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Mexico's Esau: The Original Spanish Race-Mixer

PostPosted: Wed Jun 22, 2016 8:00 am
by EzraLB
"[Spanish Conquistador, Gonzalo Guerrero] found favor with the cacique of Chactemal, Nachán Can, who must have recognized this slave as a valuable source of information about the strange new threat beginning to appear on the horizon. Guerrero married the cacique’s daughter, Zazil Há. Their children are known as the first mestizos, the people of combined European and American heritage who now predominate in Mexico, and modern Chetumal celebrates itself as the Cradle of Mestizaje." ... ed-a-race/

And like Esau, Guerrero, when offered the opportunity to return to his people and embrace his Christian faith, flatly refused:

"On coming to understand who Guerrero was, [Francisco de Montejo] tried to win him over by reminding him of his Christian faith, offering him friendship and pardon, and asking him to come away in his ship. Guerrero refused. By this time, he had been living among the Maya people for seventeen years. Again he mentioned his wife and children and added that he was formally a slave, so not free to leave."