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A Revisionist Look at the Mongol & Tartar Invasions

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A Revisionist Look at the Mongol & Tartar Invasions

Postby EzraLB » Sun Apr 03, 2016 11:17 am

A long-held belief among mainstream--and "alternative"--historians is that Russia and other Slavic peoples were overrun by Mongol and Tartar invasions from the east, resulting in the tainting of the White bloodlines of those people. While it's clear just by looking at different eastern Europeans that some of them are, in fact, mixed, the question remains--was this phenomenon nearly as widespread as historians have led us to believe?

While I may disagree with him on many issues, I do consider the Orthodox historian, Matthew Raphael Johnson to have done some valuable research on the history of eastern Europe. I look at him as the Orthodox version of E. Michael Jones--they uncover a large amount of information important to revisionists, but the Church dogma that they adhere to often steers them away from making accurate conclusions.

Johnson has written an essay, Was There a Mongol Yoke?: The Historical Difficulties with the Mongol Invasion of Russia, about how certain "non-liberal" historians are challenging some of the long-assumed beliefs about the Mongol and Tartar invasions--suggesting that perhaps they weren't nearly as ethnically diverse as we've been led to believe. ... -Horde.pdf

Because of his Orthodox beliefs, I don't think that Johnson is attempting to bring mongrels into the Yahweh's Convenant--as I've seen no evidence that he believes in a racial covenant in the first place. He seems more interested in studying the close relationship between the Eastern Church and Ethno-Nationalism. Either way, this short essay does point out some interesting facts that any revisionist may want to at least consider.
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Re: A Revisionist Look at the Mongol & Tartar Invasions

Postby wmfinck » Wed Apr 06, 2016 9:35 pm

Long ago I quoted from Matthew Raphael Johnson's book, The Third Rome: Holy Russia, Tsarism and Orthodoxy, at length and perhaps for a couple of podcasts. Perhaps it was for some of the programs on the Mein Kampf Project.

I really appreciated that book, and a lot of Johnson's writing while he was the editor of The Barnes Review. When he stepped down, Michael Collins Piper took over, and I think TBR started to decline at that time, at least because Collins was retarded when it came to Christianity. Johnson is a much more credible intellectual.

Anyway, EzraLB, you are absolutely correct in reference to Johnson, as you were with Jones, that they have both done a lot of good work, and both are blinded by their respective church doctrines.
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