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Myth Of The Nazi Art Looters

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Myth Of The Nazi Art Looters

Postby EzraLB » Fri Mar 18, 2016 4:00 pm

The jews have made untold millions with their false claims of stolen property, especially art, during the Holocaust, or what used to be known as World War II.

The claims that the Nazis just outright stole or confiscated art as they blitzed through Europe never made much sense to me. From what I've read, the top level Germans, such as Goering, had to pay fair market value for any art they wanted.

The other odd aspect of this official story is that the Germans would have hated most of the art that jews were known to collect--so why would the "Nazis" steal this degenerate art? To do what with it?

Kenneth Alford has written a new book on the subject, "The Spoils Of World War II," which shows that it was actually the Allies, not the "Nazis", who looted Europe of most of its treasures. Alford points out that the government documents detailing what happened to all that loot brought back to the U.S.A. after the war are still classified for "national security" reasons. Whose national security? Perhaps Israel's?
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Re: Myth Of The Nazi Art Looters

Postby Teutonic » Fri Mar 18, 2016 4:40 pm

They've milked this fable for all its worth, not sure if I've seen more books written on it or Mythistory Channel documentaries about it.
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