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Islam's Jewish Roots

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Islam's Jewish Roots

Postby EzraLB » Fri Jan 08, 2016 9:49 am

As Bill has pointed out on many occasions, there are jewish fingerprints all over the rise of Islam from its very beginning. I found an interesting essay from 1850 written by the "highly-regarded" Rabbi Joseph Schwarz, entitled "History of Palestine: 614-1096 C.E.: From the Accession of the Mahomedans to That of the Europeans."

The essay is very candid about the jewish role in the foundations of Islam, and even points out that it was Mahomed's marriage to a rabbi's daughter that turned the militant arabs' attention away from the jews and onto the White Christians. As Rabbi Schwarz points out, this alliance "saved" the jews:

"This occurrence induced Mahomed to give up his terrible intention to destroy the Jews in his country, and thus did Rabbi Shallum save his people."

The rabbi admits that the jews used this strategic marriage between Mahomed and a rabbi's (Abu Bachr) daughter to destroy the enemy of the jews--the Christians, as symbolized by Mahomed's Christian adviser, Bucheran.

In a drunken stupor, Mahomed butchers the Christian Bucheran, but later claims he did so only because of drunkeness, after which he denounced alcohol completely, which becomes part of the Koran's teaching. In typical arab cowardly fashion, Mahomed took no responsibility for the murder and instead blamed the wine:

"[He] cursed and condemned the wine which was the cause of this murder, and swore that he never would drink any more, and that also no one should do so who wishes to enter heaven. This is the cause why wine is prohibited to the Mahomedans."

After this episode, the jews egged on Mahomed, using militarized Islam as their tool, to destroy the enemies of the jews, that is, all lands still occupied by the White race. He went after...

...Heraclius and his son Constantine, captured the country around Antiochia, Armenia, a part of Asia Minor (Anatolia), and Palestine. Jerusalem, however, continued in possession of the Greeks. Mahomed reigned 11 years, and died in 4385 (625); he was succeeded by his father-in-law, Abu Bachr, but he survived him but two years, when he also died."

Notice that after Mahomed's death, he was succeeded by his jewish father-in-law, Abu Bachr. Yes, the second great leader of Islam was, in fact, a jew.
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