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Meet Our Newest "Relatives": Asian Hobbits

Meet Our Newest "Relatives": Asian Hobbits

Postby EzraLB » Fri Jun 10, 2016 6:47 am

"The newly reported species of human – Homo floresiensis – seemed to have survived until just 18,000 years ago on Flores, a far-flung island in eastern Indonesia. At only a meter tall, with the brain the size of a chimp’s and a host of anatomical features that harked back to a much earlier period in human evolution, it made no sense whatsoever." ... bit-flores

"The wrist bones, for example, have a primitive morphology akin to those of African apes and unlike those of modern humans, with or without a growth disorder. Expert opinion currently supports overwhelmingly the original diagnosis of the Hobbit as a new species, with the remains of at least 6 individuals now known from Liang Bua."

This discovery is such an anomaly that "scientists" are struggling to graft this animal into the family tree of so-called homo sapiens. Ironically, one of the "best" explanations seems to be that these "hobbits" actually devolved from homo erectus--for unknown reasons--into what clearly is nothing more than another species of ape.

And these same "scientists" are scratching their collective heads over how these monkey "men" originally arrived in Asia from Africa. Because of their brain size, they couldn't possibly have built boats and sailed to Asia, so some have offered the absurd theory that a giant tsunami swept their ancestors all the way from Africa to Asia--where they proceeded to devolve into more primitive ape-men.
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