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Ken Lent's Christian Passover Table

PostPosted: Sun Mar 25, 2012 11:31 pm
by wmfinck
Christ Is Risen!

Dear Remnant in Christ,

Thank you for the email responses concerning inquiries about the true Saxon Israelite Christian Passover.

This is to answer a few questions from the brethren as to how we should be celebrating the Passover. This reply is not to debate whether or not the Feast Days still apply for our Saxon family and national law. Scripture teaches us that they do, but that can be left for later or possibly another email thread altogether. What is extremely important is that the remnant brothers and sisters who plan on observing Passover don’t get mistakenly led down the path of entering into some of the morbid jewish (Edomite) Rabbinic tradition of their fake passover such as slowly torturing a lamb by cruel neck slitting (kosher), or by setting the dinner table with Babylonian Talmudic traditions.

There are eight Israelite Feasts we are to be upholding as given to us in the Scriptures directly from Yahweh God Almighty. Today’s so called “jews” celebrate a convoluted perversion of them based on the Babylonian interpretation of inserting forbidden Moon times (a feminine non ruling symbol) into Yahweh’s commanded Feasts which are our Saxon Holy Days set upon a true Solar Year (a ruling masculine standard).

Lunar or soli/lunar times have nothing at all to do with Yahweh’s calendar system of time keeping for His Saxon race. Yahweh’s calendar of events is fixed, stable, and solid, with no variance from year to year, and they are strictly solar. We may note that the “jews” Passover and other Talmudic counterfeits never take place on the same date from year to year but vary up to three weeks difference. Thus they are not actually "yearly" feasts. The same is true with the Catholic “Ishtar” fertility celebration of the happy bunny. These are based on Moon times as well which are fickle, varying, irregularly held events with no fixed stability at all.

The trait of unreliable instability is seen throughout the Cainite/Edomite/Rabbinic nature of the anti-society (chaos). It is where they plan on taking the world's nations (as we can surely see today).
Noting an economic comparison, we can even see this with the Rothschild/Warburg Federal Reserve Note credit system where their supposed “dollar” is unstable and ever changes in value, which changing value makes it quite easy to manipulate a nation’s economy with contrived inflations and deflations. A Scriptural money system would be a FIXED system based on God created precious metals such as fixed gold with a silver balance where the natural intrinsic value of that metal sets a fixed medium of exchange that does not vary from generation to generation.

God says, “I am Yahweh I change not” (Mal.3:6) This fixed precept follows along with His Feast Days as well. Rabbinic Jewish = mixed up changes of instability. Yahweh’s Laws = fixed stable methods of natural order. Talmudic counterfeit Feast Days are forever changing times each year being lunar and soli/lunar. Yahweh’s Feast Days are fixed and stand firm being solar precisely taking place at the SAME TIME every year.

So what about Passover?

As this relates to our discussion, the true Israelite Passover this year is on April 2nd (as viewed on our present Gregorian calendar), and so it was last year, 10 years ago, and so it will be next year, and every subsequent year. Our racial family Passover is always on April 2nd (day 14 month 1, of Yahweh’s fixed stable solar calendar). “Web search” the Jewish counterfeit Passover and check out the last several years times and dates. It moves all over the place, just as the Federal Reserve Note does in value. It is not based in Scripture and is not to be found within Yahweh’s system of fixed laws. Catholicism seeks out the jewish lunar time method too in order to announce their dates for Easter. Likewise, Easter also flip flops in its dates of celebration from year to year. Disorder is the way of the heathen.

Never under any circumstance seek out the advice of Rabbinical books, methods, or rules for Passover. The Messianics too are quite “jewish” in their take on Passover, but then again Messianics are not Christians by their own admision.

We are to keep Passover throughout our generations. Ex.14:12 “And this day (Passover) shall be unto you for a memorial; and ye shall keep it a feast to Yahweh throughout your generations; ye shall keep it a feast by a statute for ever.”
For any mention that “for ever” could possibly mean “for the age”, it still makes no difference for us living today. That “age” goes beyond where we presently happen to be. Scripture shows us that the Feast Day times were still ongoing in the New Testament, and Tabernacles will be a great feast of importance in the yet coming fullness of Christ’s Kingdom (Zech.14) We have not reached that era yet, therefore as far as our time frame is now concerned – the Feasts are certainly valid, as commanded memorials.

Furthermore Passover is not a sacrifice day. It is a MEMORIAL DAY too as per Ex.12:14 deeply reminding us that our family was enslaved by the heathen for many generations and delivered by Yahweh. The other Feast Days, such as the Feast of Trumpets, again are memorials too, not sacrifices. Leviticus 23:24 “Speak unto the children of Israel, saying, In the seventh month, in the first day of the month, shall ye have a sabbath, a MEMORIAL of blowing of trumpets, an holy convocation.”

The Christian Passover table setting:

Brothers and sisters, this is really easy. Christians can obey the heritage call to celebrate the true Israel Passover in the following manner:

1) Just after sunset of April 2nd gather with your Israelite Christian brothers and sisters
2) Have a dinner on the table of a nice leg of lamb roast (or more or less amount) NOT koshered (tortured) by a Rabbi. There are plenty of New Zealand lamb cuts at better markets this time of year. None are “koshered” unless so stated on the package. Roast it, don’t boil it.
3) If you are having a large group and want a farm fresh lamb that you want to roast whole DO NOT cruelly abuse the animal in a Talmudic slow neck bleeding Rabbi ritual which is not in the Bible, or you will be cursed by Yahweh for animal torture. If you actually are preparing a lamb farm animal for a larger assembly, email me if you want details on how to humanely kill a farm animal like civilized people with compassion. In fact do your best to not have any jewish or messianic overtones with the meal. Just be yourselves – white Christian Americans. It will all flow properly.
4) Have a nice dark green salad (bitter herbs) on the table, along with some unleavened bread, and a nice vintage bottle of red wine
5) There are no rules that exclude other good food to go along with your Passover, so there is room for “the spirit of the law” to be implemented since obviously we are not geographically back in Egypt thousands of years ago.
6) Have some prayer and Scripture reading along with dinner
7) During the meal sometime you can open your New Testament Scriptures where we are to take “communion” of the bread and wine. We usually read from Paul’s words at I Cor. 11:23-29 and have a few minutes of personal reflective prayer silently and each individually with our Father in sorrow of our sins and thanks for what Christ has done for us on the cross.
8) Finish the meal
9) After the meal Christ washed the disciple’s feet and He commanded us to do likewise. Have a few basins and towels ready for this. Our King said that if we do not participate in the footwashing we have no part in Him. It is a lesson in humbleness. (John 13:8 & 14,15) This is done at Passover and we are not authorized to do this other than after Passover dinner. Christ said to follow Him, and the importance of the foot washing is at Passover, precisely following Christ’s example. This is also extremely important for those seek after brotherly unity but are wallowing in disagreement as how to get together. We want unity? Honor the Feast Day gatherings and the unity will take care of itself with Yahweh blessing His own. (Psalm 133) We CAN achieve unity but it’s going to be done WHEN God Almighty tells us to – not our way.
10) By morning, take whatever lamb leftovers there are and burn them in a fire to completely finish the event (Ex.12:10). Don’t toss the scraps in the garbage or give it to the dog. Burn it up to complete the Holy Feast and the memorial will be finalized.

This is the New Testament continuation of the Saxon Israel Passover Feast, and it will be a blessed event you will not want to ever miss after you hold your first Christian Passover and quit the pagan Catholic substitute of Easter. Just be sincere, ask for guidance, and the Holy Spirit will lead you to do God’s bidding on this day. Don’t fret about meal particulars as our Father understands your earnest desire to please Him. You will have no problem at all with this – guaranteed.

The other Feast Days besides Passover are even less involved and it’s all a breeze to handle. It’s our family heritage we should have all been taught from childhood. But it’s never too late to start.

Blessings to the remnant in Jesus Christ,
Ken Lent
Faith of the Covenant Fellowship