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at first blush

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at first blush

Postby tonyatl » Fri Jun 24, 2016 7:44 pm

i have read many remarks that the Hebrew word adam and blushing are tightly coupled wherein blushing is considered a sign of being an adam. as someone who has been teased - at times mercilessly - for blushing, I have always assumed that everyone is able to blush. are these various writers saying that only white people can blush - literally? in other words I thought that arabs and Mexicans were able to blush even if it would not register in a pronounced facial color change as with me - and perhaps that is precisely the definition. I am trying to figure out how much importance to attach to blushing and racial identification.
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Re: at first blush

Postby Nayto » Sat Jun 25, 2016 5:39 am

It's true that only the White race genetically carries the ability to blush.

"Science" believes that it comes down to the pigmentation of the skin, that only White skin is pale enough to show the blood through itself. I'm not sure how true this is, but by this logic you could argue that certain bastards with more White genetics could blush to some extend.
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Re: at first blush

Postby wmfinck » Sat Jun 25, 2016 11:20 am

Attempting to encapsulate truth in soundbytes, oversimplification is always our worst enemy.

The blushing issue is a side issue that, so far as I am concerned, detracts from the core issue of the meanings of the word Adam. That in turn leaves room for argumentation among the unestablished, who will forever seek examples of non-Whites that appear to have the ability to blush, whereby they can undermine the actual facts which do support our Christian Identity truth.

One blushing chink, or one blushing mexican, is not going to discredit us.

The Hebrew word ADAM means ruddy because the word DAM means blood. The White man is generally ruddy, no other race is generally ruddy, and historically all White men alive today can be traced back to those original Adamic nations of Genesis chapter 10, which at one time were all White although now many have been destroyed.

The ethnology combined with the history and the scripture form the foundation for basic Christian Identity truth, which cannot be undermined.
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Re: at first blush

Postby Kentucky » Sat Jun 25, 2016 11:59 am

Charles Weisman, in his book, “The Origin of Race and Civilization,” quotes author William C. Boyd, Ph.D., “Races of People” (1955), pp. 43-45 as to the scientific explanation for this phenomena of the differences in racial cast: “The color of normal human skin is due to the presence of three kinds of colored chemicals, or pigments. The most important of these pigments is melanin, a dark-brown substance...The second of the three pigments is carotene. This is a yellow substance which is present in carrots (from which it gets its name) and egg yokes as well as human skin. The third pigment is hemoglobin, which is the red, coloring matter of blood...the hemoglobin occurs in the blood vessels beneath the skin, so that very little can show through. The presence of fair amounts of either melanin or carotene in the skin covers it up completely. Hemoglobin does show up however in the skin of white men, particularly in those of light complexion. It is the hemoglobin that accounts for pink cheeks and the ability to blush. On the bases of these differences in coloring, mankind is sometimes divided into (1) a “Black Race,” high in melanin, (2) A “Yellow Race,” low in melanin but high in carotene; and (3) a “White Race,” low in both melanin and carotene.”

However, I am of the opinion that neither negro or orientals are races (or kind after kind i.e. species) and were not created by God. Adam means man and man means Adam. Therefore the two aforementioned mongrels do not qualify as "mankind." Bill and I did a podcast on the subject earlier this year: ... ity-vision

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Re: at first blush

Postby Joe » Sat Jun 25, 2016 12:22 pm

Very interesting information Mark, that demonstrates quite clearly why it is the white man who is ruddy, in the winter, in the sun or when ashamed. And I found the CI visions programmes very moving with the realization Mark is expressing here. ... -chs-4-7-2
From Adam Clarke’s 6-volume Commentary, vol. 4, p. 410, we read about the above passage:

“Verse 7. Her Nazarites were purer than snow] ... nazir does not always signify a person separated under a religious vow; it sometimes denotes what is chief or eminent. It is applied to Joseph, Gen. xlix. 26. Blayney therefore translates here her nobles.

“‘Her nobles were purer than snow, they were

whiter than milk;

They were ruddier on the bone than rubies;

their veining was as the sapphires.’

“On which he remarks:– ‘In the first line the whiteness of their skin is described; and in the second, their flesh;’ and as ... gazar signifies to divide and intersect, as the blue veins do on the surface of the body, these are without doubt intended.”
This is quite interesting, for not only is the “whiteness” of our skin likened unto transparency with the red blood-tone showing through like rubies, but the blue veins of a Caucasian appear as sapphire!

Adam Clarke had an honest and informed point of view.
The promise to to one race of people, we must identify those people.
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Re: at first blush

Postby SvenLongshanks » Sat Aug 06, 2016 12:17 pm

I think the Apocryphal text, ‘The Testament of Judah’ associates blushing with the spirit of truth:

50 And the spirit of truth testifieth all things, and accuseth all; and the sinner is burnt up by his own heart, and cannot raise his face to the judge.

Even if other races may go red in the sun, or after exertion, it wont ever be because they feel shame.
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Re: at first blush

Postby Kentucky » Sat Aug 06, 2016 1:26 pm

SvenLongshanks wrote:Even if other races may go red in the sun, or after exertion, it wont ever be because they feel shame.

Shame or a sense of guilt can only be experienced by those who know they have trespassed the Law. The New Covenant (and all Covenants for that matter) were only made with one race of people; in which the Law is written in our heart and mind. Theses pangs of trespass somehow interact with our hemoglobin and result in embarrassment or "blood in the face." You can ask God about it when you get to the Kingdom, if there is any science to it or if it's a spiritual thing or both.

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Re: at first blush

Postby Staropramen » Sun Aug 07, 2016 3:19 pm

White people show blood in the face naturally without being embarrassed. It intensifies when we are embarrassed. Light skin non-whites may show blood in the face when not embarrassed because of mixture with Whites. I've seen one Chinese woman I work with turn beet red when embarrassed. Several times. It has nothing to do with our law but rather because her own sense of right and wrong or her own ideas about what is or isn't socially acceptable have been violated or challenged. This means nothing. We are what we are. They are what they are.
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