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Explanation of my purpose in addressing White Nationalists

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Explanation of my purpose in addressing White Nationalists

Postby wmfinck » Fri Feb 15, 2013 10:46 pm

These were my opening remarks to the Amos, Part 3 program I did on February 15th, 2013:

There are some of my fellow Identity Christians who have misinterpreted my recent conversations with people who are better characterized as White Nationalists, (whether some of them are marginally or sincerely pro-White can be argued, but it is immaterial), and I do not think these Identists have followed me quite closely enough over time to even make a valid assessment of what I have been doing. I wrote an editorial entitled Christianity is Nationalism, which appeared in the June, 2012 Saxon Messenger, and my purpose and methods have not at all deviated from the attitudes which I expressed there. Identity Christians put their God first, and their God requires them to love their brethren. If our brethren are our fellow believers only, then we are really no better than Catholics. My brethren are all of those of my race who do not make themselves enemies of my God or His purposes. This is because we cannot expect all of our fellow White brothers and sisters to share our beliefs, since all Whites have not had the opportunity to learn the things which we have learned. This we must understand, since the entire realm of religion and history has been absolutely poisoned by the lies of the jews and their judeo-Christian apologists. We were warned of this in Scripture, and we should know it above all other Christians, that Satan – who is the jew - has indeed gone out to deceive the whole world.

I do not compromise my Christian profession. My purpose has not been ecumenical. If it were, I would not have sat on Carolyn Yeager's program and told Will Williams that he was a turkey and a tool for the jews. I would not have called Hadding Scott a clown, something which I would call him again to his face so long as he insists upon looking at Christianity through his judaized and dispensationalist eyes.

Rather, my purpose has been to demonstrate to those White Nationalists who have the capacity to understand, that there is indeed a need for a belief in transcendentalism, and that belief has been with every branch of our race since the dawn of time. This is necessary to demonstrate that those who reject everything spiritual, those who profess atheism and nihilism, are indeed jews or no better than jews. For Christ dined with and instructed the Pharisees, but He would have nothing to do with the Sadducees – and it is they who were the nihilists of His time. Ex Nihilo Nihil Fit – from nothing nothing comes. Therefore all nihilists must be ostracized as jews: for they either are jews or they follow the lies of the jews, rejecting even the traditions of those whom they claim as their fathers regardless of their professed religion. Yet this is only the beginning of the battle.

Additionally, my purpose has been to demonstrate to those same White Nationalists, those who have the capacity to understand, that there is indeed a historical foundation for our Christian Identity beliefs, that we are not Evangelical lunatics merely attempting to replace talmudic jews with Whites; and that the jews are not telling the truth about the Bible and the ancient world. Therefore they are doing themselves a disservice by attacking Identity Christians, while at the same time they are actually assisting the jew, who hates Identity Christians above all other White Nationalists, And like it or not, Christian Identity is White Nationalism – it is the original White Nationalism.

Now clowns like Will Williams and Hadding Scott would not listen to me with any reason. They would rather scoff and mock. Arming themselves with all of the arrows supplied by the jews themselves, they do not see that they are the intellectual slaves of those same devils which they claim to despise. But the more reasonably-minded do take the time to listen to and consider our positions, and we should at least have respect for those White Nationalists who do so. Therefore I will continue my discussions and friendly relationships with the likes of Severus Niflson, Carolyn Yeager and John Friend. They have all been honorable and have had the decency to hear us, and not to scoff at or to mock our God. In this current world of deception, this is, I believe, the beginning of the separation of the wheat from the tares.

We must also bear in mind, that as Identity Christians, we should tell the truth but we should not attempt to mimic the Evangelicals. At Jeremiah 31:34 Yahweh says: “And they shall teach no more every man his neighbour, and every man his brother, saying, Know the LORD: for they shall all know me, from the least of them unto the greatest of them, saith the LORD....” All of our race knows what we are talking about when we mention the Bible, God and Christ. We do not need to teach them to “know Jesus”. We are not in the stage of the fishers. Our purpose is greater, for we are to follow the hunters. From Jeremiah 16: “16 Behold, I will send for many fishers, saith the LORD, and they shall fish them; and after will I send for many hunters, and they shall hunt them from every mountain, and from every hill, and out of the holes of the rocks.” We are not Evangelicals, we are not Catholics, we do not beat our brethren over the head in an attempt to force them to believe like we do. Rather we must be that shining city on the hill, and our morality, our clear vision, our sense of purpose and our higher calling will attract our true brethren to us. However we cannot just sit on that hill. We must also be hunters, and go looking for our people in the marshes and in the crags and in the valleys of the earth. If I were not willing to go there and face my opposition, would my detractors accuse me instead of only preaching to the choir?
If a jew is moving his lips, he's lying. If you see a rabbi, there has already been a crime!
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Re: Explanation of my purpose in addressing White Nationalis

Postby Nayto » Sat Feb 16, 2013 9:43 am

Many of our kindred come to the truth via White Nationalism, as I myself did. It is definitely a worthy cause to preach to them, even considering that White Nationalism is a turning point in a person's life. It is a staging ground for the mind, where either one turns further into jewish mind control -- because that is what white nationalism is -- without Christ, or move further into truth. Even those judeo-Christian white nationalists, because to stand with Christ is to stand for and love our race. Christ made it clear that when we stand for our kindred and race, we stand for Him. To allow any compromise in our lineage is to fail and that is why White Nationalism will fail.

We won many battles on Stormfront in the midst of jewish pretenders and some still fight there. Many came to the truth there and I think many more will come by your message amongst them (White Nationalists, not just Stormfront). It confuses me that people would speak against such action. We are the only movement and message that holds the salvation of our race, so why should we keep it from them?

In the end, we are only the means by which God shows His grace to those He has called. After all, the darkness cannot comprehend the light.
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Re: Explanation of my purpose in addressing White Nationalis

Postby Fenwick » Sun Feb 17, 2013 3:42 pm

I think that these days, the internet provides a wealth of materials for study to anyone who is willing to invest time in it. So while feeding the flock is still important, it's not as necessary to tread over the same ground as it once was, preaching the same thing to the same people. Opening a dialogue to those who might be receptive to CI, but don't yet fully understand it, cannot be a waste of time. The good Samaritan may not have been a follower of the traveller's faith, but he was still his kinsman.
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Re: Explanation of my purpose in addressing White Nationalis

Postby SheepDog » Sun Mar 10, 2013 3:07 am

It is our responsibility to spread the Gospel being sure that all Israelites have heard it. However, on judgment day all Israelites will be judged if they heard from us or not. There will be no finger pointing or excuses accepted by God just because SheepDog, or Bill Finck, or Mark Downey or the hundreds of other CI pastors out there didn't reach every nook or cranny. I doubt very much there is an Israelite alive today that hasn't heard of Christ and the Good News. However, I do feel that we have the responsibility to convict them; just how far we need to go to tell someone their house is on fire is between that messenger and the Holy Spirit. No pastor will have the same style of delivery, some reaching some people that others may not be able to.

In White Nationalism there is the blame game; if it isn't the Jews keeping the White man down then it's the Black man, the Asian, the Latino, or someone else all of which for the most part are their lesser. Ninety percent of the White Nationalists either reject Christ outright or believe in some artificial flavored message purporting to be Christ such as Orthodox Catholicism and her apostate prostitutes the Protest-tant Churches. Big deal they peeled back one layer of the onion and think that is as far as they need to go so they get stuck in the blame game never once thinking they could possibly be the problem. Yes, the serpent was punished for beguiling Adam and Eve but they were punished as well for allowing themselves to be deceived, nor did they ask for forgiveness.

Exactly who is to blame when our brethren aborts, or buys porn, or pays thirty years for a house, they or the Jew that convinced them to do it? Both, I know, but to one it is a transgression and to the other, well let’s just say it’s a Scorpion being a Scorpion.

God is quite clear in 2Chron 7:14 that he will heal our land if Israelites as a nation repent of their transgressions and pray for forgiveness. Would the Jew even be amongst us to begin with if he didn't find a place for sustenance being the bottom feeder that he is? Would the Egyptians, Assyrians, and the Babylonians have enslaved the Israelites if it wasn't for their back sliding? Would there be STD’s if it weren’t for fornication and covetness? All the Jew amounts to being is a national STD for a lawless Israelite people.

I guess I’m pretty much a one-trick-pony; that is all I have in my quiver. That is my message to those Israelites that sojourn through Stormfront; look in the mirror then point your finger.
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