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Party Politics

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Party Politics

Postby wmfinck » Thu Mar 01, 2012 1:12 pm

Three years ago I was plunged into the world of Christian Israel Identity from a state of virtual isolation. Formerly, I had been introduced only to Clifton Emahiser, Lorraine Swift, Jeanne Snyder, and a small handful of others who had been around for a very long time, but who were not internet denizens, and who did not regularly make the rounds of nationalist forums and radio broadcasts. So when I encountered men such as Eli James or Martin Lindstedt, I trusted the people who referred them to me, and accepted them as fellows in our struggle to bring the truth of the Bible to our White brethren lost among the general public.

Today I know that Eli James is a universalist, and I cannot work with him for that reason: we shall never agree where it matters most. I have also found, the hard way, that Martin Lindstedt is a raging lunatic who is actually out to discredit all of Christian Identity, by the tactic of embracing it and making it into a sort of scatalogical freak show. I use these men only as convenient examples.

I wonder how it is that these men latched onto me, for I never sought after them. I also wonder how it is that the people who referred them to me had trusted them in the first place. No man is an island. We all have to trust one another's discernment. In the criminal world you trust no man until he has proved himself thoroughly, and then you only grant trust in very small increments. That should not be the case for a Christian among Christians. In a Christian world we should be able to trust our brethren, because we ourselves are planning to do no wrong, and therefore we should never have any reason to be distrustful of apparent brethren. We assume, when someone is called by certain labels, that they make certain professions which can be identified by those labels. However obviously, that is not always the case.

And that is where we find trouble so easily: by following the party mentality. When I looked at Eli James, other people calling themselves “two-seedliners” who knew Eli, whom I also knew and could inquire with, had nothing negative to say about him. Of course, Clifton had a negative experience with him at one time, but I wrote that off to the self-induced suggestion that it was likely a result of Eli's possible political naivete, and I still believe that may be true. Eli was recommended and introduced to me by another man, a long-time “two-seedliner”, whom I knew personally. I have Eli's first letters to me to this day, and the papers he sent, and he seemed to be authentic, so I did not mind working with him. He was, after all, a “two-seedliner”, and therefore I took for granted that he held certain perceptions that other two-seedliners generally held in common. When Martin Lindstedt first wrote me, I looked at some of his writing and the responses posted at a few “two-seedline” forums, and found nothing alarming. At the time, I did not know the existence of some of the White Nationalist forums which had already excluded Lindstedt, and because they were not “two-seedline” I may not have checked them out anyway. We tend too easily to fight with and reject the opinions of others who are not of our party.

I realize now, that Eli's reputation was for the most part unsoiled by other two-seedliners whom I was in contact with, because they were following the party mentality, and because Eli carefully crafts his language in terms that are not readily alarming to those of that party. I also realize now, that Martin Lindstedt is adept at presenting himself decently to those of the party who do not yet know of his treachery, and therefore they give him an audience which he can leverage. Sooner or later he inevitably ruins the relationship, and only then does he actively seek to discredit his gracious host, and moves on to his next victim in a seemingly unending pattern.

Because Eli James is so personable and nice to everyone whom he meets, and because he is often so ambiguous in his Biblical interpretations, it is easy for him to play the victim when someone reveals him for what he truly is. Doing that, he maintains respectability with fellow party-members by accusing his accusers of not being true members of the party. Because Martin Lindstedt immediately begins slanderously accusing everyone who even so much as discovers his treachery, he also is able to play the victim, in a different sort of way, and maintain credibility among many members of the party. The party members – which for our purposes here in the case of “two-seedline” describes just about anyone who calls themselves “two-seedline” and gravitates towards others who use the label, whether they accept this definition or not – for the most part seek only to maintain the status quo, protect their own little fiefdoms, and not upset other party members. His is the mentality of the political whore.

I have encountered many people since my split with Eli James, and the treachery which I have detected in Martin Lindstedt, who understand that both James and Lindstedt are wrong, however they still give respect to or even continue to ally, themselves with these men. They are political whores who really do not care about the truth of Scripture. They only care about being well-liked, popular, or having the comfort of being more acceptable to a larger group.

This is the point I tried to make Saturday, in the introduction to the program on Universalism which I did with Mark Downey. I said that many would expect Mark and I to be at each others throats. By that I meant to refer to many two-seedliners, those who have the party mentality and who would rather assail anyone in Christian Identity who does not identify themselves as two-seedline. Yet even though he is not “two-seedline”, Mark and I, since my first few months out of prison when I frequented Stormfront, have always had a cordial relationship. This is the danger of the party mentality. Eli James professes two-seedline, but has a veiled universalist attitude concerning the rest of Scripture. Mark Downey does not understand Genesis chapter 3 the way two-seedliners understand it, however Mark is firmly on the right side of Scripture when it comes to who the enemies of Christ are, and the dangers of universalism. Who is closer to me, Eli or Mark? Those with the party mentality would say Eli, but due to his universalism Eli has made himself my enemy. Mark, on the other hand, cannot be my enemy, because he understand the racial exclusivity of the Bible and the clearly professed intentions of our Redeemer. Those things are primary to our cause.

How many so-called Conservative, or Tories, or Republicans, depending on what country you are from, have sold us out to Bolshevism in the name of party politics? That is the danger of the party. One or two wayward leaders can sell out an entire philosophy in the name of party politics. That is the state of “two-seedline” today. Will it be universalist? Or will it remain true to Scripture? We cannot accept evil, even if it calls itself “two-seedline”, or “Christian”, or by any other label. The apostle John tells us this in his first epistle: “Beloved, do not have trust in every spirit, but scrutinize whether the spirits are from of Yahweh, because many false prophets have gone out into Society.” Of course, John is talking about embodied spirits, not disembodied spirits. We must learn to assess men, and not parties, and the measure of that assessment should be in a man's fruits, in what he actually is and not merely in what he professes to be.
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Re: Party Politics

Postby Nayto » Sat Mar 02, 2013 10:25 am

wmfinck wrote:Mark, on the other hand, cannot be my enemy, because he understand the racial exclusivity of the Bible and the clearly professed intentions of our Redeemer. Those things are primary to our cause.

Quoted for truth and just to highlight this once again.
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