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Taking the Council of Conservative Citizens to Task

Taking the Council of Conservative Citizens to Task

Postby wmfinck » Wed Feb 25, 2015 12:31 pm

The Council of Conservative Citizens has recently announced “a series of polls to better understand this [their] website's following, and build a more unified movement.” The articles and advertising on their websites have always been aimed to capture the attention or even the sympathies of traditional American Whites, most of whom are at least marginally Christian, and some of whom may be pagan or something else, but whose religion identifies with some form of European heritage nonetheless.

The first poll was religion. They asked their readers “What religion are you?” They had three categories for Pagans, and two categories for Jews. They had another for Kabalah which is essentially another form of Judaism. Then to further show how ignorant they are concerning matters of religion, they lumped together British Israel and Christian Identity. Since British Israel is historically sympathetic to Jews while Christian Identity is historically “antisemitic”, you would think they would distinguish the two, at least out of curiosity as to the difference of opinion among their readers. They also had a category for atheists and another for agnostics, but then they had six additional categories for the alien religions of the Arab and Asiatic races.
In our assessment, the religion poll at the CCC betrays two reasons, and then a third which is much more important, as to why they will never succeed:

First, they refuse to even recognize that there is a Jewish problem, so they lump together groups which are inherently anti-semitic with groups that are. The CCC, like the rest of the “Tea Party” and American Renaissance crowd, typically accept Jews as just another group of Whites.

Second, their poll exhibits a willingness to go to greater lengths to comfort non-Whites. This is fully evident in the poll choices offered their readers. There were three categories related to Judaism, and rather than a general category for Islam they broke those choices up to reflect the two largest sects of Muslims. If indeed they are looking to attract Whites who have already embraced alien dogmas, that is the same as seeking to attract non-Whites.

Thirdly, and most importantly, the CCC by this poll has exhibited a willingness to change in order to suit its readers. That is the real meaning of their stated purpose to offer “a series of polls to better understand this website's following, and build a more unified movement.” That is not an attitude which anyone who actually has principles would want to reflect. What we profess is not based on public opinion. We would not want to change anything that we believe to be true simply because a large portion of our readers believes something to the contrary.

Movements are not built by consensus. Rather, movements are built by convincing people of the advantages of a particular idea as opposed to alternative ideas. People join movements, but movements cannot join people. When many people set their hearts to a common idea, they lay aside their more minor differences and work to advance the cause of the idea. But the idea must truly be a conviction and not merely some poorly or loosely defined political or social objective.

The biggest problem with the “Council of Conservative Citizens” is that their daily attitudes do not reflect precisely what it is that they would claim to conserve. So they banned me (William Finck) from commenting on their website, apparently because my comments were racist and critical of their luke-warm attitudes. At least, I can determine no other reason.

Yet in their own statement of principles, article 1 states “We believe that the United States of America is a Christian country, that its people are a Christian people, and that its government and public leaders at all levels must reflect Christian beliefs and values.” So why do they seek to comfort Jews, Sikhs, Muslims and others? Why do they even seek to comfort Whites who are not Christians? If they really believed that principle, they should not care about the feelings of non-Christians. Instead, they seek to compromise for the sake of popularity.

Again, in article 2 of their own statement of principles, they state that “We believe that the United States derives from and is an integral part of European civilization and the European people and that the American people and government should remain European in their composition and character. ” In article 8 they claim to stand for the “racial integrity” of the United States.

According to their own statement of principles, the Council of Conservative Citizens should be both racist and Christian, and should not apologize or try to conceal either of the two. Evidently, they no longer abide by those principles, but would rather compromise them for the sake of popularity. This is what all political groups eventually do, because they love mammon and not God.
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Re: Taking the Council of Conservative Citizens to Task

Postby Kentucky » Wed Feb 25, 2015 1:01 pm

When I read the first poll, I thought it was just insane. Sometimes I have to wonder about these groups... whose side are they on anyway?

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