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Similar words in Persian, English, German and Icelandic

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Similar words in Persian, English, German and Icelandic

Postby icelander93 » Wed Apr 06, 2011 6:31 pm

Pers:Am/ Eng: I am

Pers:Angel/ Eng: A Hook/ Icel:Öngull

Pers:Aw/ Eng:Water/ Ger:Wasser/ Icel:Vatn

Pers:Ende/ Eng:End/ Ger:Ende/ Icel:Endir

Pers:Berend/ Eng:Fruitful

Pers:Brader/ Eng:Brother/ Ger:Bruder/ Icel:Bróðir

Pers:Band/ Eng:a band(chain)/ Icel:Band

Pers:Bendan/ Eng:To bind/ Ger:Binden/ Icel: binda

Pers:Saf/ Eng: Pure

Pers:Mxden/ Eng:Maiden/ Ger:Madchen

Pers:Madah/ Eng:A female

Pers:Morth/ Eng:Death/ Ger:Mort/ Icel:Morð

Pers:Murda/ Eng:Death Icel:Myrða (to murder)

Pers:Morther/ Eng:Murder/ Icel:Morð

Pers:Mus / Eng:Mouse/ Ger:Maus/ Icel:Mús

Pers:Nah / Eng:Not Ger:Nein/Nicht Icel:Nei

Pers:Nun / Eng:Now / Ger:Nun Icel:Núna

Pers:Nuh Eng:Nine/ Ger:Neun / Icel:Níu

Pers:Hol / Eng:Health / Icel:Heilsa

Pers:Dar Eng:Door / Icel:Dyr

Pers:Cu Eng:Cow / Ger:Kuh/ Icel:Kú,Kýr

Pers:Leogan Eng:To tell a lie Ger:Lugen Icel:Ljúga

Pers:Lam/ Eng:Lame / Ger:Lahm Icel:Lami,Lamaður

Pers:Lust Eng:Lust/Delight Ger:Lustig Icel:Losti

Pers:Thu Eng:Thou Ger:Du Icel:Þú(Þ letter is pronounced like Th)

Pers:Sorg Eng:Sorrow Ger:Sorgen Icel:Sorg

Pers:Supwah Eng:Shoe Ger:Schuh Icel:Skór

Pers:Tunder Eng:Thunder Ger:Donner Old Norse: Þundur

Pers:Faeren Eng:To go Ger:Fahren Icel:Fara

Pers:Docther Eng:Daughter Ger:Tochter Icel:Dóttir

Pers:Dohte Eng:He did Ger:tut

Pers:Frend Eng:a freind Ger:Freund Icel:Frændi(kinsman)

Pers:Feder Eng:Father Ger:Vater Icel:Faðir

Pers:Mid Eng:With Ger:Mit Icel:Með

Pers:Meder Eng:Mother Ger:Mutter Icel:Móðir

Pers:Metan Eng:Measure Icel:Meta

Pers:Maest Eng:Master Ger:Meister Icel:Meistari

Pers:Meze,Meso Eng:Great

Pers:Mal Eng:More Ger:Mehr Icel:Meira

Pers:Hera Eng:A lord Ger:Herr Icel:Herra

Pers:Uppa Eng:Above Ger:Oben Icel:Uppi

Pers:Thre Eng:Three Ger:Drei Icel:Þrír

Pers:Thrydde Eng:A third Ger:Dritter Icel:Þriðji

Pers:Dreori Eng:Dreary Ger:Duster

Pers:Daeth Eng:Death Ger:Tot Icel:Dauði

Pers:Dajed Eng:He is no more

Pers:Reswian Eng:Reason

Pers:Guast Eng:The spirit Ger:Geist

Pers:Mxnde Eng:To mention Icel:Minnast

Pers:Manthre Eng:Words Ger:Worter Icel:Orð

Pers:Midda Eng:Middle Ger:Mittle Icel:Miðja

Pers:Mrete Eng:Mortal

Pers:Yare Eng:Year Ger:Jahr Icel:Ár

Pers:Starian Eng:Stare/To look at Ger:Schaun Icel:Stara

Pers:Senghan Eng: Song/A Word Ger:Singen Icel:Söngur

Pers:Snid Eng:A cut Ger:Schnitt Icel:Snið

Pers:Scina,Shina Eng:Brilliant/Shine Ger:Schein Icel:Skína(to shine)

Pers:Scheeto Eng:Brilliant

Pers:Halig Eng:Holy Ger:Heilig Icel:Heilagt

Pers:Halae Eng:Pure/Whole Icel:Heill

Pers:Eahta Eng:Eight Ger:Acth Icel:Átta

Pers:Sex Eng:Six Ger:Sechs Icel:Sex

Pers:Besche Eng:Wicked Ger:Böse

Pers:Cneou Eng:Knee Icel:Kné,Hné

Pers:Steorran Eng:Stars Ger:Sterne Icell:Stjarna

Pers:Bar Eng:Bare Icel:Ber

Pers:Barhene Eng:Naked Ger:Nackt Icel:Nakinn

Pers:Nafel Eng:The Navel Ger:Nabel Icel:Nafli

Pers:Na Eng:No Ger:Nein Icel:Nei

Pers:Cald Eng:Called Icel:Kallað

Pers:Kala Eng:Crying out/Call Icel:Kalla

Pers:Raed Eng:Road

Pers:Raeh Eng:A way

Pers:Eortha Eng:Earth Ger:Erde Icel:Jörð

Pers:Arta Eng:Earth(Hebrew Eretz) Ger:Erde Icel:Jörð
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