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'The passing of the great race' by Madison Grant

Topics Concerning Race and Ancient Man

Re: 'The passing of the great race' by Madison Grant

Postby andersonone » Thu Mar 24, 2016 9:58 am

Joe wrote:Andersonone there are many different conclusions that can be made on that topic, what is your interpretation?

1Co 3:13 Every man's work shall be made manifest: for the day shall declare it, because it shall be revealed by fire; and the fire shall try every man's work of what sort it is.
1Co 3:14 If any man's work abide which he hath built thereupon, he shall receive a reward.
1Co 3:15 If any man's work shall be burned, he shall suffer loss: but he himself shall be saved; yet so as by fire.

I'm not entirely sure. On one hand there are plenty of verses that discuss who will not enter the Kingdom of God. But then Christ redeemed us for our sin. Of course good works do count for something it seems so obviously bad works would have the opposite effect. Perhaps it will be the way the Kingdom is set up, those that were false teachers will be exposed by Christ (fire) for what they were and they will have a lower position in the Kingdom. Not exactly sure really. But to think that any of the Israelites would be tortured for eternity would be the antithesis of redemption don't you think?
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Re: 'The passing of the great race' by Madison Grant

Postby NicoChristian » Thu Mar 24, 2016 5:41 pm

On the topic of David Duke. I originally came to a racial understanding listening to Duke back in 2005. I learned about CI shortly afterwards. Originally I respected and followed Duke, I listened to his shows, bought his books and called in to his shows. Later I became disillusioned with him and his lack of progress. Mike Hallimore also told me he was kicked out of the Klan for being a womanizer and trying to seduce other Klansmen's wives. He also told me he makes a lot of money from the movement. I also became disillusioned with Duke because he said that the great revolution may take generations to achieve. By that time what will be left to achieve. That kind of talk is about as inspiring as Hilary Clinton. His works convince me that he is either controlled opposition or a half committed activist who is too comfortable. Either way he is not achieving anything worthwhile and failure is failure. We need results not excuses, if you aren't succeeding then something needs to change. I've seen better results from lesser known White Nationalists, so I respect them more than Duke.
YHWH bless.
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Re: 'The passing of the great race' by Madison Grant

Postby brucebohn » Thu Mar 24, 2016 7:55 pm

EzraLB wrote:
andersonone wrote:
If you cut down David Duke, you will see the circular reasoning of his jewish handlers.

Possibly, although I currently believe that David Duke just doesn't have a full understanding of CI. Why do you think that he may be under jewish management?

David Duke is one of the jews' best friends--they wheel him out on national TV whenever they need a clown to discredit White "racism", and Duke always obliges. Duke pretends to attack and whine about jewish power; however, by also insisting that the jews are the true descendants of the ancient Israelites, Duke does nothing but reinforce and legitimate jewish power. That's why I think he's a mole, a cut-out just playing a role.

Another interesting detail I've noticed about David Duke is that he's subtly changed the cover of his personal manifesto, "My Awakening," and I think the change may point to his real agenda. I'm not a believer in "masonic power" independent of jewish control, but the new cover of his book clearly shows Duke making a "masonic" sign with his right hand--on previous covers that hand sign is missing. Is it a signal to those in the know? Who knows? But I still find the new choice of photograph hardly accidental.

Wow Ezra, so you noticed that as well. And yes, Duke has been very much aware of
CI or Israel Identity since his early days of "activism", for lack of a better word.
He is both a distraction and a Shill.
"Do you not know that with those running in a race,while all run,
but one takes the prize? In that manner you run, in order that you shall obtain."
1Cor. 9:24
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Re: 'The passing of the great race' by Madison Grant

Postby Staropramen » Thu Mar 24, 2016 10:13 pm

“21 Not all who say to Me ‘Prince, Prince!’ shall enter into the kingdom of the heavens, but he doing the will of My Father who is in the heavens. 22 Many shall say to Me in that day ‘Prince, Prince, have we not prophesied in Your name, and cast out demons in Your name, and have done many works of power in Your name?’ 23 And then shall I profess to them that ‘Never have I known you! Depart from Me, those who are working at lawlessness!’

Matthew 7: 21-23 CNT


“24 Therefore each who hears these My words and does them, he shall be compared to a sensible man, who has built his house upon bedrock, 25 and the rain descends and the river comes and the winds blow, and they fall against that house, yet it does not fall, for it was founded upon the bedrock. 26 And each who hears these My words and not doing them, he shall be compared to a foolish man, who has built his house upon the sand, 27 and the rain descends and the river comes and the winds blow and they fall against that house and it falls, and great was its fall!”

Matthew 7: 24-27


The aliens do all sorts of "good" in Jesus's name and they go into the Lake of Fire regardless. All Israel hears the words of Yahweh. The ones who obey His words, namely by not creating the type of church bastards described in verses 21-23, will have rewards. Those who hear but reject His words will be left destitute with eternal shame and contempt [Daniel 12:2]. The punishment for foolish Israelites says nothing about never being known by Yahweh.

Church bastards only exist because White people taught them a false doctrine.
"If God is a Jew then the only thing left for us to do is commit suicide"
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