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Adamic-Neanderthal Mongrelization

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Adamic-Neanderthal Mongrelization

Postby EzraLB » Sun Jan 10, 2016 7:53 am

Another "scientific" study has come out "proving" that the race mixing between modern European man and Neanderthals has benefited us up to the present day.

Apparently, they've somehow "proven" that our supposed Neanderthal hydridization provided us with a stronger immune system to ward off certain types of bacteria. Unfortunately, It certainly hasn't cured us of our allergies to the Third World primates flooding our shores, which is why this study has appeared at this particular time.

Mongrelization is good, the scientists reassure us. Oddly, right from the beginning these "scientists" admit that this theory isn't exactly scientific:

It's a bit speculative, but perhaps this is some kind of trade-off,” said Janet Kelso, a researcher at the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Leipzig, Germany, and senior author of one of the new studies. “Increased resistance to bacterial infection was advantageous, but may have resulted in some increased sensitivity to non-pathogenic allergens.”

The moral of this "science" lesson is stated quite brazenly:

“It suggests there was a benefit for the migrating modern human and the archaic human to get together,” said Parham, who wasn’t involved in the research. “What has survived is a hybridization of those populations.”

If we want to survive as a race, we must open our minds and bedrooms to race mixing. Don't be squeamish about it--after all, your ancient European ancestors did it, and if they hadn't done it, we as a race would have died out a long time ago of some bacterial infection. Let this be a warning to you. :roll: ... story.html
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