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Ancient Native Americans (Hebrew)?

Topics Concerning Race and Ancient Man

Ancient Native Americans (Hebrew)?

Postby fistofyahweh » Mon Aug 04, 2014 12:15 am

I occasionally watch some of James Wickstroms videos and came across this one.. Quite interesting.

I'd like to know what William thinks of this and if he's ever come across this (Ogam) script in his studies.

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Re: Ancient Native Americans (Hebrew)?

Postby Lang » Tue Aug 05, 2014 12:56 pm

In ancient times, there was definetly a white elite ruling over the indians in America. You can see their pictures, they were the indian gods. There are some absurd monuments impossible to build, if you ask the local population who built that, they will say it was the blonde, blue-eyed gods. That is probably why some indians have negative blood type.

Btw, it seems there was white ruling elites all across the globe, from America to China. A lot of religions are built upon that.

EDIT: Very often these peoples and their holy books say these blonde, blue-eyeds came from the sky. Or they were angels or there was a very advanced white civilization before recorded history. Sometimes I wonder if the story of the Eden couldn't possibly be a symbology of an ancient white civilization which declined due to race-mixing.
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Give a hammer to a jew, and he will sell it to niggers.

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Re: Ancient Native Americans (Hebrew)?

Postby SwordBrethren » Tue Aug 05, 2014 3:03 pm

White people taught the Indians of Central and South America pretty much everything they knew, Whites also built the civilizations and were the elite ruling class.

The Whites either mixed themselves into oblivion or they were massacred in Indian uprisings.
Revelation 18:
Und ich hörte eine andere Stimme vom Himmel, die sprach: Gehet aus von ihr, mein Volk, daß ihr nicht teilhaftig werdet ihrer Sünden, auf daß ihr nicht empfanget etwas von ihren Plagen!

Denn ihre Sünden reichen bis in den Himmel, und Gott denkt an ihren Frevel.

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