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The Irish Genetic "Defect"

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Re: The Irish Genetic "Defect"

Postby EzraLB » Thu Mar 03, 2016 2:48 pm

matthewott wrote:The key there, though, is the health research. I cannot verify nor remember the sources, so I can't say that they may not have been biased. And yes, this specifically is more about the supplement pills.

I quickly looked into the source of this "rumor" that undissolved vitamins were clogging up sewer drains, and what a shock--a kike named "Doctor" Joel Wallach has made that a central part of his sales spiel for his extremely expensive liquid vitamins, which he claims are more absorbable than the pill form. Like many jews, Wallach is obsessed with longevity--or to use his trademarked term--"youngevity". This kike is one of many in the natural health field hawking expensive--and useless--ways of staying young, like your garden variety vampire.

That said, Matt seems to be correct that many pills are found undissolved in many people's stools, but not necessarily for the reasons that the kike alleges--medical doctors are well-aware of this problem, and they, I think, rightly attribute it to malabsorption issues, which is actually a much more common problem that most people realize. Apparently, up to 70% of Americans suffer from malabsorption issues, which are caused by poor diets heavy with processed foods.

Apparently, pills--whether capsules or solid--are designed to dissolve under certain pH conditions in the stomach and the gut. Given how many people in this country suffer from heartburn--which is an indication of a pH imbalance--it should come as no surprise that people are having trouble not only digesting their food completely but also absorbing what they do digest. Low quality, processed foods create a build-up of sludge inside the walls of the intestines, making nutrient absorption difficult, allowing for undigested food to pass through the digestive tract quickly and intact. Thus, the undissolved pills in the stool.
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