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Advice on Multivitamins???

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Re: Advice on Multivitamins???

Postby Nayto » Sun Nov 06, 2016 12:49 pm

EzraLB wrote:
Nayto wrote:I would still maintain that for common food poisoning it is not necessary to do anything unless it persists for more than a day. Normal for poisoning is a quick affair; the body will simply flush it out and be done with it. Just keep water intake up to accommodate for the rapid loss of course. So if it cleared up in a day or less, it was probably only going to take that long right from the start.

I would agree with you that letting nature take its course is preferable, but keep in mind that for younger people like yourself, who are in prime physical health, it's far easier to recover from "normal" food poisoning than it is for older people like Bill and myself. As we age, our ability to naturally fit off routine bugs diminishes--and in those cases, using a natural intervention--conservatively--can prevent it from becoming much worse than it has to be.

Yeah okay that makes sense. I appreciate your confidence in my health haha :beer:
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