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Prison life for white men - Intergation at it's worst

Whites reaching - or often screaming - out to their kinsmen. Wake up, White Man!!!

Prison life for white men - Intergation at it's worst

Postby Flanders » Tue May 10, 2011 5:08 pm

The prison system for many Whites is a device for the torture and degradation of Whites. This main article below and the links which I have included at the end should compel any reasonable person to realize the connection between the jews and the sadistic punishment accorded to Whites in America [That degradation of Whites is adminstered through the actions of the imprisoned minorities who act out thier own unwitting roles as agents for the jew].

Prison life for white men
As told by a White man prisoner

I am an indigent prisoner and cannot afford a subscription to American Renaissance, but I did see the July issue. I laughed out loud reading Christopher Jackson’s article, “A White Teacher Speaks Out.” ***[A link is provided below - Flanders] His portrayal of black students was spot-on, and compelled me to write this account of my own experiences with blacks in prison. Of course, there is no real humor in Mr. Jackson’s portrayal; the truth is tragic. The impact of blacks on the larger society and especially on the white children caught in the surroundings Mr. Jackson describes is nothing less than devastating.

What made me laugh was Mr. Jackson’s portrayal of the way black students speak. The guards here say such things as “Who you be?” and “Where it be at?” It’s deeply insensitive of us, no doubt, but white prisoners entertain each other by mimicking the unique forms of black speech. Mr. Jackson’s description of his students applies to a great many black adults as well.

As an inmate in a Texas prison, I am surrounded by blacks and people of other races and must deal with them every day. I have become intimately aware of their traits and mannerisms. I’m sure my experiences are paralleled in many other prisons, and are a precursor of what the country as a whole can expect if we continue down the road on which we are traveling.

Like the students Mr. Jackson describes, black prisoners are loud, brash, aggressive, and violate rules almost by nature. Very few show the slightest remorse for the crimes for which they were imprisoned. Instead, they blame “da man” or the system run by “da man.” Mr. Jackson’s students talk endlessly of “racism.” So do adult blacks — at least prisoners do. They scheme and fantasize endlessly about ways to beat “da man” or “break the oppression.” When they are not talking about sex, drugs, crime, or rap music they are whining about how the white man has made their lives miserable. This is how they justify making our lives miserable.

I am housed in an area of the prison known as “administrative segregation,” most commonly referred to as “seg” (see next article, page 7). Why am I here? I was “confirmed” as a member of a white “racist” prison gang.

Any white man in a Texas prison who joins one of the many gangs is “confirmed” as a member of a Security Threat Group (STG) and goes to seg. In many cases, a man ends up here for nothing more than having pro-white literature or showing any kind of racial pride or awareness.

It’s not a matter of if whites will face attacks, but of when, how often, and how we fight back.

Once a man is listed as a member of an STG, he goes into a nationwide database and is even listed on government “terrorist” watch lists. He stays in that database for years after he is released. When police officers check our names, even during a routine traffic stop, they are cautioned to “treat the situation as if it were a felony takedown,” and to consider us “armed and dangerous.” This classification has nothing to do with our criminal records — most whites are in prison for non-violent crimes — and even less with any allegedly “terrorist” activities. We become STG members simply because we have shown white solidarity.

The STG database is supposed to be available only to law enforcement agencies, and other officially approved groups. It is my impression that organizations like the Southern Poverty Law Center and the Anti-Defamation League may have access to it because they are supposed to be fighting “racism.” As you can see, the STG designation causes big problems for prisoners.

Why, then, do we join prison gangs? Prison administrators will tell you it is because we are “racists,” “hate-mongers,” and — always the most potent — “Nazis.” They will tell you we want to participate in organized crime and overthrow the government, and that we believe in crazy conspiracy theories. To be fair, there are a few gang members who fit this mold. However, whites start and join prison gangs for none of these reasons. White gangs have very little real structure and engage in very few organized activities inside prison, much less beyond prison walls. I know. For several years, I was a high-ranking member in one of the largest white prison gangs in Texas (see page 8).

The number-one reason whites join prison gangs has nothing to do with criminal intent, ideology, or even racial views. They join for survival. [This article continues at the first link below].

"A White Teacher Speaks Out

What is it like to teach black students?


"When Jews are in total control of a country (Russia, Hungary, Ukraine, Palestine), see how they treat others. In America, look at the areas in which they are in total control (Wall Street, the Federal Reserve, Hollywood, psychiatry, clothing, etc). All of them are in ruins or farmed out to slave labor countries.

There is no exception to this rule. Jews have seized control of all critical elements of our society: government, banking & finance, the military, education, information & entertainment, publishing, medicine and Christianity." ... bell-daja/

How Bad Is The U.S.?

"Ignoring State Jails and Probation and only taking Federal Prisoners the U.S. has 1,587,403 more federal prisoners than in China; 1,307,001 more than in Russia; 1,799,543 more than in Brazil and 1,813,544 more than in India, yet these countries has significantly larger populations. Why?" ... ulaton.htm

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Re: Prison life for white men - Intergation at it's worst

Postby Les » Wed May 11, 2011 4:27 am

what I wrote was not important
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