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Geography Trannies

Discussions about ancient history or the Bible

Geography Trannies

Postby wmfinck » Fri Nov 18, 2016 9:55 am

My pre-program rant for this evening.

Before we begin the next segment of our commentary on Paul’s epistle to the Hebrews, I would like to take a minute to talk about Geography Trannies. There are so many clowns who want to set themselves up as the prophets of some great new Gospel, when for the most part they are quite often totally clueless concerning the history of our race and the real purpose of the only gospel which counts – and of course, that is the Gospel of Christ.

Geography Trannies attempt to transposition accounts from ancient history to different places on the globe. In other words, they claim that certain historical events did not happen where they are commonly believed to have happened. The assertions of these people can be quite extreme, and the schemes they concoct to support their claims can be quite complex.

Over this past week I was approached with two absolutely hare-brained ideas. The first idea was a claim that ancient Jerusalem was not in Palestine at all, but that it was really in Meso-America. The second claims that the ancient land of Canaan was actually in lower Caledonia, which is Scotland. (See www-dot-gnower-dot-net.) There is an entire website devoted to this nonsense. These claims are incredible. The ancient world was described in the records of our race for thousands of years. The Assyrians, Babylonians and Persians, for instance, had in many inscriptions recorded their marches and conquests throughout Mesopotamia, Anatolia, Arabia and the Levant (or Palestine), and they were always able to get tens of thousands of soldiers with their animals and equipment to Jerusalem or to the other cities of Canaan in short time and without getting in boats for a months-long journey across the sea. The location of Jerusalem was known to Greeks and Romans centuries before the time of Christ, and it has never been moved.

Once upon a time, back in 2007, The Barnes Review printed an article which claimed that the events recorded in Homer’s epics, namely the Iliad and the Odyssey, really took place in the lands surrounding the Baltic Ocean. Of course, the Greeks themselves would have never believed such a thing. I try to forgive John Tiffany for this, since he does well in other areas but he is no student of antiquity. But this is just as ridiculous a thought as these other tales which have surfaced more recently. If any of the tale-bearers had actually read the classical literature on a greater scale, they should have realized the impossibility of these claims. Up until the time of Christ, we have two thousand years of records from several nations, both in inscriptions and histories. Once we understand the depth of these, we can perceive a history and a geography of the ancient world that is complete enough in substance so as to preclude any of these crazy theories which attempt to relocate the birthplace of our civilization to any other place on the globe. Without a solid foundation in the literature of our race, we are lost, and we certainly should not imagine ourselves to be Bible or history experts.

Why do Identity Christians even entertain such clowns?
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Re: Geography Trannies

Postby Fenwick » Fri Nov 18, 2016 7:07 pm

I don't understand how anyone can think Jerusalem wasn't in the near east. I mean, it's still there...
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Re: Geography Trannies

Postby Teutonic » Fri Nov 18, 2016 7:32 pm

Wow so my father's side of the family are all Canaanites.

Guess I'm screwed then.
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Re: Geography Trannies

Postby CIman » Fri Nov 18, 2016 8:34 pm

This is like the Arab clown Ashraf Ezzat who claims that "jewish" scribes fabricated the whole story of Exodus thousands of years later in the Septuagint,

“The truth is that ancient Egypt never knew any Pharaohs nor any Israelites. Egypt was never the land of Exodus and Palestine was never the Promised Land.”

"Backed by every reputable expert in the known world, Ezzat argues that ancient Hebrew history as we know it today is based on one colossal lie — that events described as happening in Egypt, if they happened at all, really happened in Arabia. Which means that according to his version, the tales of Joseph, Moses and the Exodus might still be true, but the location in which they are alleged to have happened are false.

To the average person, this would seem a farfetched assertion were it not for the supportive testimony of the world’s top Egyptologists, from James Henry Breasted to Donald Redford to Israel Finkelstein. Even some Israeli experts agree, including the head of archeology at Tel Aviv University. Prof. Ze’ev Herzog, in a 1999 article in Ha’aretz, said":

“The Israelites were never in Egypt, did not wander in the desert, did not conquer the land in a military campaign and did not pass it on to the 12 tribes of Israel.”

"Many factors set Ezzat on this detective trail of the Biblical deception that castigates Ancient Egypt as an immoral, slave-keeping society.

The first clue was that the Old Testament never mentioned the pyramids, making the writers of that document the first and probably the only visitors to Egypt who never mentioned these awe-inspiring structures."

"Ezzat’s contention, backed by solid empirical scholarship, is that the events of the Old Testament occurred in southwestern Arabia, in a province called Mizraim, or Misr, a location now near modern day Yemen, which is where he says the tribe of Israel was really born."

“Deceitfully linking the story of Moses and his Pharaoh has tarnished the image of one of humanity’s greatest civilizations,” Ezzat writes"

"In the 2nd century BC, the Hebrew bible was translated from Aramaic to Greek at the legendary Library of Alexandria. Seventy Jewish scribes, hence the designation of the Septuagint Bible, were assigned this task by the Ptolemies in which they cunningly replaced this obscure tribal leader Faraon with the mighty Egypt and its king. The Greek version, with this malicious distortion of ancient history, has been the source for all translations of the Bible worldwide ever since."

And the clownery goes on. And of course the mongrel believes that he is related to the ancient Egyptians..
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Re: Geography Trannies

Postby Gaius » Sat Nov 19, 2016 5:55 am

Thanks, Bill, and CIman for further evidence of this tomfoolery.
I'd never heard of it, happily ...
Those of our people who do not know their true origins could be misled by such "experts" ...
But also as sides increasingly are being clarified, more of our people will recognise the voice of the deceiver.
What shall we then say to these things? If God be for us, who can be against us?
(Romans 8 v 31)
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Re: Geography Trannies

Postby EzraLB » Sat Nov 19, 2016 7:34 am

CIman wrote:
“The truth is that ancient Egypt never knew any Pharaohs nor any Israelites. Egypt was never the land of Exodus and Palestine was never the Promised Land.”

The first clue was that the Old Testament never mentioned the pyramids, making the writers of that document the first and probably the only visitors to Egypt who never mentioned these awe-inspiring structures."

I've been to Paris three times, and I don't recall ever mentioning the Eiffel Tower to people who've asked me about those visits. Yet none of them accused me of lying about ever being in Paris. Also, I was born in Toronto, but I've never mentioned the unavoidable CN Tower whenever I speak of my life there--or my return visits. Again, because of that omission, I've never been accused of lying about having been there.

It's amazing that anyone would fall for this jewish form of "argumentation" and "negative proof". :roll:
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