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PostPosted: Thu Jul 14, 2016 9:21 am
by Joe76
Hi everyone,
I'm new to Christian Identity, but I feel like I've finally reached the bottom of the rabbit hole. My ancestry is Scandinavian mostly, with a bit of English/Scotch. (Typical blond hair and blue eyes throughout my family.)

This forum and the Christogenea site have helped me to understand CI and the fraud that is the so-called "white nationalist" movement being led by David Duke and others.

I grew up Catholic, but drifted away from religion for much of my life because it all seemed so corrupt and disconnected from reality. Now I know why.

Aside from the Christogenea New Testament, what is the best version of the bible I can purchase? I realize now that most have serious translation and context problems. Any recommendations? I have a lot to learn.

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PostPosted: Thu Jul 14, 2016 10:03 am
by Joe
Welcome Joe!
I like the Ferrar Fenton and have a hard copy. I also have an old version of the KJV because it retains the old cross-reference system that confirms CI. I like the NASB sometimes too. With the Old Testament I think you have to have a few different translations because sometimes the language is difficult. I would also want to access the Septuagint, like Brentons.

I think I would read the Gospels first from the CNT and then you will be able to apply CI theology to understand the OT better. The same themes repeat themselves in many ways, the promises of God, the story of how only God is fit to be our King, only God is a just judge, and only God can deliver us. And it is all on us, so you will see things in your study that really move you, while those things can never be communicated to another. It's all between you and the word and you will never stop learning.

I hope this doesn't seem condescending.

Imagine if someone heard the truth of CI, understood it and turned their back on it, many WN leaders oppose us and lead the sheep astray. Traitors. And many cannot resist our enemies because they are too busy building a big tent where God is expendable and everything else is a means to an end. And what is the white race without God?

Welcome friend.

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PostPosted: Thu Jul 14, 2016 10:18 am
by wmfinck
Joe76 wrote:Hi everyone,
Aside from the Christogenea New Testament, what is the best version of the bible I can purchase? I realize now that most have serious translation and context problems. Any recommendations? I have a lot to learn.

Hello, Joe76, and welcome to Christogenea.

Joe is right, you really do need multiple sources for Biblical understanding, and especially for the Old Testament. But you should read through it (the OT) at least once, just like you would any other book, so that you become somewhat familiar with it and see what is there - and what is not there.

For that purpose, perhaps the King James Version might be best, or the NASB (a few less errors). But as Joe said, none of them are perfect.

I did a program once trying to explain what I thought the Bible was, and should be, to CI students, called What is the Bible?

Hope that helps.

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PostPosted: Thu Jul 14, 2016 10:20 am
by wmfinck
I just remembered this short article.

The King James version of the Bible has thousands of mistranslations. Some of the mistranslations are corrected by later versions, although many were not and neither can they be: for a true translation of the Greek would upset much of modern mainstream theological thinking, most of which is quite perverse. Nearly all - if not all - of the various translations of the Bible which are available were created under the auspices of one religious sect or another, and therefore each has its particular quirks reflecting various beliefs. This is apparent in my own translations of the New Testament, however I hope to have limited them to my treatment of the terms usually translated in other versions as "God" and "Lord". So, why quote the King James Version? The following explanation is from a recent email response to a friend:

You are wholly correct about the King James - and I myself am guilty of quoting it often. I think of it like this: Imagine living in New York City. The water stinks, it is loaded with chlorine, fluoride, and is not any good for you or your health. But everybody has it and it is the same everywhere that you go in the city. So it is terrible, but it is usually consistent: it is reliably terrible, and when you are thirsty, you drink it. That is the King James! It stinks, but we all have a copy, and we are all familiar with it. Yes, Yahshua compared the Word of Yahweh to living water. The King James is water downstream from someone who just urinated. Okay, maybe my tongue is planted a little too far into my cheek.

- 10th April, 2009

Maybe that is a little harsh, but the point is that every translation of the Word of God is polluted with at least some of the ideas of men, because each man has his own limited perception and incorrect premises or concepts, not always understanding all of the contexts necessary to make a perfect translation.

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PostPosted: Thu Jul 14, 2016 10:44 am
by Staropramen
Greetings Joe76. Welcome to Christogenea!

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PostPosted: Thu Jul 14, 2016 12:10 pm
by Kentucky
Hello Joe76,

Welcome to our forum. Your question is probably one of the most asked: which version for Christian Identity? Like Bill's excellent article 'What is the Bible,' I wrote an article about what is inspired and may help you navigate through any text. Link here:

Keep in mind that most Bibles are based on the Massoretic Text vs. the Septuagint. Nothing can be understood out of context, which is what universalists and judaizers try to do. Therefore, it behooves the student of the Word to always be "rightly dividing the word" (KJV) or as Bill translates it "correctly dissecting" the word of truth. Churchianity doesn't seem to be aware that words have a multiplicity of meanings and usage. Another thing you must watch out for in the various versions is if the Divine Law has been subverted or is missing from the original intent. It is a lifelong work to read, believe and obey the Word of God; God never contradicts Himself and all Scripture will harmonize if we are honest about proving each verse, chapter, book, and Testaments. Blessings brother.


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PostPosted: Thu Jul 14, 2016 1:14 pm
by Gaius
Welcome, Joe76.

Many good responses to your queries already.
Just to add that I found this word by Clifton Emahiser very useful also -- ... o-seedline

Godspeed !

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PostPosted: Thu Jul 14, 2016 1:47 pm
by brucebohn
Hello, and welcome to the forum....

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PostPosted: Fri Jul 15, 2016 8:47 am
by Joe76
Thanks for the welcome messages and information everyone.

I feel very happy to be part of this group. I've learned a lot just surfing this forum and reading your thoughts on a variety of topics.

I'm very excited to learn more about our Lord and the truth about our people. In addition to ordering a few different bibles, I'm also planning on ordering the complete works of Flavius Josephus, since I often here Bill quote from this work.

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PostPosted: Sat Jul 16, 2016 5:06 am
by Nayto
Welcome to the forum.

Now we've got two Joes, lol!