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Rushing to Judgment

PostPosted: Mon Jun 30, 2014 4:08 pm
by Archivist
It often occurs that certain alternative media outlets would stumble into making errors in stories simply to be the first to publish something, or because they feel they have to publish it immediately. However it would be better to take the time to actually investigate the nature of things, rather than run on the first impulse.

In the video below, the beating victim does look like she may be white, and several pro-White sites, such as the Daily Stormer and the Council of Conservative Citizens both immediately began proclaiming another black-on-White beating.

Below are the links to the original articles from these outlets.

First, the Council of Conservative Citizens, who left their original article intact even though the true race of the victim is not White. Note that they also even had misidentified the state in which the incident occurred, it was Salem NJ, and not Salem MA.

Second, the Daily Stormer. The original article identified the mother as White, and many of the comments on the article point out the mistake. BUT the article was since changed to remove references to the victim's race.

Here is the actual victim, with her child:
beating-victim-and-son-e1403822406694.jpg (45.35 KiB) Viewed 958 times

The truth is that the victim was not even close to White! I have done things like this myself a few times. Rushing into something because it looks like what you want it to look like. We should not WANT to see a White woman beaten by a negress, however we are programmed into wanting to see it so that we can use it as propaganda!

It is better to have caution, and double-check the circumstances.

Re: Rushing to Judgment

PostPosted: Mon Jun 30, 2014 11:26 pm
by Joe
They have done this several times, I am always relieved when I find that a victim is not white. At first I thought she simply had a non-white son, thus a race-mixer getting beaten might be deserved.

...When the victim is white, my heart sinks. I think DS should note when it makes mistakes. They have even published hoaxes as fact, like when the 4chan people got a story about feminist cancelling fathers day into the news, or when they got Hitler's Mein Kampf top-rated on a book site.

I highly suspect Archivist is a sock-puppet. He first appeared in the visser thread.

Hello Archivist, I am not trying to be harsh. Yeah I know, but it is not explicit.