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Whose Law Will You Follow?

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Whose Law Will You Follow?

Postby FolkishChristian » Wed Jul 07, 2010 9:40 am

Whose Law Will You Follow?

The night was cold and a misty rain covered the land. Fog slowly rolled in from the Appalachian Mountains; another prayer was being answered. All was quiet in downtown Shelby, a predominantly White, rural county in western North Carolina. Midnight was quickly approaching.

On the outskirts of town, six men gathered beneath the tall, southern pines. (1) They had come together for only one reason; to execute God's judgments upon those who were violators of HIS laws.

Greetings were exchanged and equipment checked. A prayer was said unto the leader of the group: Jesus Anointed-Israel's God of War. Psalms 91 and 149 were read and the men broke into two teams. Each man carried the sacred name of his God on his lips. (2)

The first team consisted of two men. Their job was to monitor all "law enforcement" frequencies on radio scanners, maintain contact with the second team and stand by as back-up in case of any unforeseen interruptions. With the back-up team in position, Operations "ASA" was ready to begin. (3)

Suddenly, the nights silence was broken, as three masked men, slaughter weapons in hand, burst through the door of the Shelby III Adult Bookstore. The fourth man was stationed outside to maintain radio contact between the back-up team and the men inside the porno parlor. Every precaution was taken, every angle covered.

"Oh God!" was the cry from one of the male prostitutes, as he gazed from silenced barrels to the zeal-filled eyes of his executioners. (4) Maybe he was calling for God to come down from the heavens and save him and his temple prostitutes, but more likely he knew it was God who had sent these masked men and, out of desperation, he was preparing himself to meet The Maker face to face!

Everything went as planned and the building was secured with dispatch. Two weeks of surveillance had paid off. While one man kept the sodomites at gun point, another checked the closets, restrooms, and "peep show" booths which were frequently used for committing crimes against nature. The other placed flammable and explosive devices in strategic areas. (5) All was ready!

The trial was simple and to the point. One of the masked men asked the accused what they were doing at a known homosexual gathering place after midnight on the Sabbath, but none chose to answer. Then they were asked to produce wedding bands, a picture of a wife, or a female companion. None could comply. Shortly before the fuses were lit on the explosives, Civil Rights were violated!! (6)

With Sunday morning came the news of the executions. Radio, television, and the local newspaper, The Shelby Star, all told of the spectacular killings. Traffic on Highway 74 was heavily congested, as churchgoers passed slowly by to witness for themselves what everyone in the state was talking about. The six men, along with their families, were among the churchgoers. As they drove past, smoke was still rising from the gutted remains of what once was a thriving "Temple of Baal."
"What happened there?" asked an inquisitive 5 year old who was with one of the families. The boy's mother reassured him and told him simply that, " Somebody made God mad." (7) One day he would understand.

The Shelby III Adult Bookstore was one of the largest distribution centers of pornography in western North Carolina and also a widely known gathering place for male prostitutes and their potential clients. The address was listed in The Gay Businessman's Directory.

In 1983, the State Legislature had passed a law making the distribution of pornography a criminal offense. Several attempts, pursuant to man's law, were made to shut the place down, including investigations by Cleveland County Sheriff Buddy McKinney and the North Carolina S. B. I. All attempts were made in vain.

The "bookstore" was part of a large chain owned by Jewish porno kingpin, Reubin Sturman, of Cleveland Ohio. Every time an employee was arrested, a flock of high dollar Jewish lawyers were brought in from out of state, bonds were posted, and within a few hours the employee was back at work. The appeals process could have lasted forever. The process under Biblical Law is a lot simpler!

One year later, two men were charged with the bookstore killings, and each was charged with 16 counts arising from the executions and the bombing. The men were described by Federal, State, and local "authorities" as "White Supremacists," "Right Wing Extremists," and "Religious Fanatics." William C. Young, the State Prosecutor in the case, said, "These men wee strictly motivated by a strong desire to avenge their God, Jesus Anointed, on homosexuals."

On May 26, 1989, an all White, Cleveland County jury found one man "Not Guilty" and all charges were against the other man. To this day, the bookstore killings remain unsolved, and the citizens still overwhelmingly oppose pornography in their state.

Calling upon "their" government-the people couldn't rid themselves of this evil cancer. (8) However, six men, doing the will of their God Jesus Anointed and following HIS commandments and statutes, did in four minutes what the state couldn't do in four years.

The former supervisor of the bookstore and a man identified as his boss have agreed to never reopen the store and to close 18 others across the state. Cleveland County remains free of the destructive influence of pornography. Queers no longer flaunt their sinful lifestyles in public. They have retreated to the temporary security and secrecy of "being in the closet."

In cities and towns all over America, names and addresses of Law violators are being compiled. Six-man teams are forming across the nation. Soon, the fog that comes from Heaven will be accompanied by the destroying wind of a righteous God. The future looks promising! For it is written: "Wherefore ye shall do my statutes, and keep my judgments, and do them; and ye shall dwell in the land in safety," (9)

Beware all who violate God's Laws!! No man can serve two masters. We must obey God rather then men. (10)

(1) - Ezzekiel 9: 2-7, (2) Psalms 149: 6-9, (3) I Kings 15: 11-12, (4) Romans 13: 4, (5) Deuteronomy 7: 5, (6) Under God's Laws sodomites have no 'right to life'. (Leviticus 20: 13) Therefore man-made 'laws' were created to protect these walking death sentences from the ministers of God. Thus, "Civil Rights" laws; (7) Numbers 24: 3, (8) I Samuel 8: 18, (9) Leviticus 25: 18, Dueteronomy 28: 1-68 (10) Acts 5:29
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