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Heartwarming Tale of Real Faith

A Place For the Naysayers to Dispute the Truth, Because Only a JEW Would Deny That Yahshua Christ IS God!!!

Heartwarming Tale of Real Faith

Postby HeiligeSchriftLeser » Wed Nov 05, 2014 2:02 pm

I found this ealier this year, chance.

Back then {before any C.I. information} I had been....mistken as to the "flood after the woman in the wilderness" from Revelation, thinking it would be "jews" & ther media turning the entire non-Adamic world against us....and "we'd" have to flee to the wildeness ! Thats how I sort came by this video.

Extremely grateful I am to William Finck for historical input into my walk with Christ...otherwise I'd still believe that...and the rest of the futurism Bull out there.

That all said,...I can only say, this Russian Christian Woman....having been driven out to SIBERIA by the commie jews....for 70 YEARS !!!!!!

She has Faith that put alot of us to shame,I think !! Some of the sweetest purest Faith I've ever seen.

Enjoy !
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