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Ordained by the First Church of Paul-Bashers!

This forum is a place where I can vent about all of the idiots who claim to be Christian Israel Identity, and then go off making up crazy hare-brained doctrines, while at the same time they lambast or excoriate others who don't sign on to their idiotic ideas. If you have ever sent me an email promoting some such idiotic idea and have scoffed at or shunned scholarly examination and discourse on the matter, you may well end up here too!

Ordained by the First Church of Paul-Bashers!

Postby wmfinck » Fri Aug 21, 2009 3:41 pm

I have never given a lot of credence to formality, ceremony, titles, pomp or circumstance. The foremost scriptures which I can point to in support of my position concerning these things are found in James chapter 2 and in Matthew chapter 23. However the irony in what I have here is too great for me not to share.

On December 8th, 2000, I was awarded a certificate of ordination by the Church of Christ in Israel. A PDF copy of this certificate can be found at I do not know exactly when it started in this church, but they have become infested with Paul-bashers, and I have even been informed by knowledgeable men that the church's bishop, Frank Smith, who signed my ordination certificate, has become a Paul-basher and a follower of W.G. Finlay. Now W.G. Finlay does not hide the source of information he uses for his Paul-bashing: he gets it from the jews, by his own admission; especially the former chief rabbi of a large Newark, NJ synagogue whose name is Joachim Prince. Other Paul-bashers admit getting much of their own Paul-bashing material from John Spong, the retired Episcopal bishop of (can you guess?) Newark NJ. John Spong is a homosexual and civil-rights activist, which he himself consistently trumpets in his own writings. And he is a complete despiser of Paul, which he also trumpets. Downtown Newark is not 5 miles from where I grew up, so it is a small world.

Now, since the Paul-bashers of the Church of Christ in Israel look to New Jersey for spiritual guidance, and I am a Christian man from New Jersey, whom they ordained into their own church, I have some spiritual guidance for them: For as long as they bash Paul, none of them are Christians, they disqualify themselves simply for being admitted followers of homosexuals and jews, and therefore they are all hereby ex-communicated, and they can all go straight to hell!

Please see my paper, William Finck vs. The Paul-bashers. Read that, and imagine the irony of my having been ordained by a church full of jew-loving Paul-bashers!

Yahshua Christ is Yahweh, and Paul is His chosen vessel.
Praise Yahweh!
If a jew is moving his lips, he's lying. If you see a rabbi, there has already been a crime!
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