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Paul-Bashers Are Blasphemers, Not Christians

PostPosted: Sat Aug 01, 2009 1:52 am
by wmfinck
A Line in the Sand

It is the clear and Scriptural responsibility of Christians not to suffer evil, to reject blasphemers, slanderers and anti-Christs, and every patently false doctrine. Surely we can disagree about the little things, but there are some things which I for my part simply cannot tolerate. Yet a lot of people in the Christian Israel Identity movement have treated the Paul-bashers who claim to be Christian Identity adherents with kid gloves, and even as peers. They do so even while these Paul-bashers slander every Christian Israel Identity pastor or writer who defends Paul, and they slander them with impunity.

But most importantly, the Paul-bashers are relentless at slandering Paul of Tarsus. No true Christian should stand for this. Clifton Emahiser, Eli James and myself, along with many other Israel Identity pastors and teachers, have long fought against the Paul-bashers, while many other Identity Pastors have coddled them, or have tried to stay neutral. This has greatly assisted the resolve of the Paul-bashers. Now I must ask this: is that the Christian attitude?

Rejecting Paul, one must by necessity reject the apostles Peter and Luke, and discard over half of the New Testament as if it were spurious. One must also reject the Revelation, since it praises the “first love” of the Ephesians, which can only be the Gospel of Christ as brought to Ephesus by Paul, since according to all accounts Paul founded the Christian ekklesia at Ephesus. There are serious implications for the Christian who rejects any or all of these books.

Is it Christian, to give comfort to those who slander Paul of Tarsus? Is it Christian to embrace them or consider them as peers and fellow-Christians? I will not. All Paul-bashers to me are no better than the jews and the negroes and all of the other enemies of Yahshua Christ, and I will openly treat them as such. So if you, having received a complaint about me from any Paul-basher, are offended by it, well, I would rather stand alone than in the company of such people or those who embrace them. To me, they are only enemies of Yahshua Christ Himself, and I have no problem treating them in that very manner. I would rather be the only person in the world on my mailing list or visiting my website, than to do otherwise. That is my line in the sand.

William Finck